The APPS brand ensured the summer mood at «UBK» (SBK) again


Kraak & Smaak DJ Set played at the closing party of the summer season at Uzniy Bereg
Kyiva (Southern Bank of Kyiv). The renowned electronic music band from Netherlands
warmed up the public with the help of APPS Apple Cider. Within the framework of a

special marketing research, we treated party’s participants with a glass of APPS apple

On 26 of August Kraak & Smaak performed their electronic sets at Uzniy Bereg Kyiva (Southern
Bank of Kyiv) (Trukhaniv Island). As an event partner, the APPS brand raffled off 30 free tickets
to the party beforehand. In parallel with the event, a special online thematic completion was
launched in which every participant could receive branded prizes. All the participants to the
competition had to do is to take a photo with a glass of the tested drink as well as its symbol – a
green apple – and then post it on Facebook and/or on Instagram with a hashtag
The next day the names of happy prize winners were announced: Irina Dyachenko (Instagram)
and Tamila Kamaeva (Facebook).
The party went on till the dawn! Electronic music, APPS apple cider, the Dnipro’s river bank – it’s
hard to imagine a better ending of last summer weekends.