Thai Boxing and Sambo Showcase: The Spectacular May Day Episode of Pit Bull Fight III


This week, the highlight of Pit Bull Fight III was not contrasting fighting styles, but the fighters themselves. Both fights ― №8 between two Thai boxers and №9 between two sambo masters ― had a lot of twists and turns despite the same fighting styles.

On Sunday May 2nd, two champions faced each other: similar in age and physique, but polar opposites in temperament. Artem Khilinich is resolute, self-confident, all-or-nothing, now-or-never; and Oleksandr Horbatov is cold-headed, calculating, with nerves of steel and self-control.

Artem Khilinich, 23, has been doing martial arts for 10 years, having won a title of Champion of Ukraine in Muay Thai and kickboxing. This fighter is strong and tough, that’s how he earned his nickname: The Stone. He never gives up, often goes into a rage, provokes the opponent, likes to put on a show for the public. His opposite is Oleksandr Horbatov, one year younger, the Champion of Ukraine and the master of sports of Ukraine of the international class in Muay Thai, the winner of the World Cup in Thai boxing and the European Kickboxing Games. When he can’t win with technique, he wins with his steadfast character.

Khilinich has been taunting his opponent from the very beginning: he laughs defiantly, snaps, and attacks him fiercely. However, Horbatov remains indifferent to his instigations: he reacts calmly, waits for the right moment, systematically throws heavy blows. And it all paid off, because by the end of the first round Khilinich exhales, falls under two fierce attacks and gets a cut. The second round ends prematurely with Horbatov’s natural victory. However, it is fair to say that both guys won, showing a spectacular fight and fantastic skills!

On Wednesday, May 5, Serhiy Harasko, 23, a Kyiv martial arts sambo champion, and Dima Kuyda, 30, a master of martial arts in sambo, met at the arena. The fight becomes extremely exciting due to the fact that one is a wrestler and the other is a puncher.

Serhiy Harasko moved to Kyiv from the small town of Hadiach. He always strives to be the best in everything. Despite his interest in fighting, he was an excellent student at school. Because of his endurance, his first coach gave him the nickname “Chuck Norris”. His opponent Dima Kuida is from Nizhyn. He devoted almost all his life to wrestling, and only for the last 3-4 years he has been wearing gloves. He’s not afraid of pain, defeats younger opponents, and has more endurance due to sports experience.

Both guys are energetic in the ring. But while Harasko tries to punch it out, Kuida waits and watches, demonstrating his unpredictable movements. At the same time, this has a hypnotic effect on the opponent and prevents the destructive force of blows from being fully realized. Finally, Kuida, after a pause, begins to attack the opponent sharply and fiercely. This has ow become a full-blown fight ― the ring is constantly shaking from the throws. The judges stops the fight, giving Kuida the victory by points. Kuida is elated, because this is his first dream fight in the MMA format! Harasko calmly accepts the defeat, but immediately calls for a rematch.

“The second date” is already becoming a good tradition of Pit Bull Fight. The fighters return for a sip of PIT BULL™ energy and become the mascots of the show. In the tenth fight of Pit Bull Fight III, two off-season winners will also enter the ring – incendiary Thai boxers Yevhen Kraminsky and Eduard Demenko. These two champions can’t be contained in a cramped cage – it will get hot!

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