Tasty and nutritious snack bars EatMe – useful even to children over 3 years of age


Specialists of New Products Group have proven that sweet and delicious snack bars can be not only nutritious, but also useful. This year New Products Group has launched a unique product for the domestic market – EatMe fruit and nut snack bars: ‘EatMe with dried papaya, ginger, nuts in yogurt’, ‘EatMe with raisins, apples and nuts in dark chocolate’, ‘EatMe with dried pineapple, carrots and nuts in yogurt’.

EatMe snack bars’ usefulness was confirmed by the conclusion of the State Sanitary-Epidemiological Expertise (№ 05.03.02-04/43656) of the Ministry of Health. The Certificate of Quality attests that EatMe snack bars meet all food security criteria, and they can be eaten even by children over 3 years of age! 

‘Creating recipes approved for young children food by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine – is a very important step for us. After all, not every product of mass production can perfectly meet the high quality standards, thanks to which it will be recommended for the children by the country’s leading doctors,’ – Oksana Tsygankova, Group Brand Manager at New Products Group, says.

All snack bars are made only of natural ingredients and do not contain any artificial additives: preservatives, colorings, etc. They contain concentrated apple juice, berries, dried fruits, nuts, carrots and agar (seaweed extract).