Sustainable development

As a Сompany that, throughout all its history, seeks to be an active participant in the social processes of Ukraine, we participate in the philanthropic, charitable and volunteer movements. Its efforts as patron and benefactor New Products Group focuses primarily in the social sphere, such as providing assistance to the most vulnerable social groups, as well as schools, kindergartens, hospitals and cultural institutions, and supporting numerous educational, cultural and sporting initiatives.

In 2018, a large-scale biennial artistic project, within which New Products Group, together with the Platform for Contemporary Art_PCA, launched the #PortArtStudio Studios for Young Artists. During the studio and exhibition program, 15 projects were implemented with the participation of young artists. In addition, a number of cultural and educational events took place, in particular a string of artists’ meetups and an art festival for children of the city of Zhashkiv, where the production facilities of the company are located.

In 2019, the collaboration with the National Art Museum of Ukraine (NAMU) began. Within the framework of its support for the museum, New Products Group was awarded the status of “Museum Lion”, which assumes the possibility of implementation of a number of joint projects and initiatives, in particular, the organization of art and intellectual corporate events, conducting lectures on cultural studies and workshops for the employees of the Сompany, etc.

In 2019, in conjunction with NAMU and the online magazine, the Company launched a social project — the “Group Sense” Discussion Club. The idea was to gather in one landmark — a museum — a group of people with progressive views, representatives of different spheres of activity, in order to discuss relevant social and artistic phenomena in a creative and intellectual environment. The main subjects of discussion are bold creative developments and creative acts, as they are most often the object of intense criticism from the public. The overall purpose of the club’s meetings is to try to reach an understanding between the society, the arts community, and such an important part of the creative ecosystem as the advertising industry.


Understanding the importance of attracting talented young people to the processes of building the country’s future, in 2018 we initiated a competition for a scholarship among Ukrainian students to study in the Master’s program at the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE). The opportunity to study for free at KSE in the Master’s program in Economic Analysis was won by a talented young man from Khmelnytsky region, Mykola Shyshov.


In 2019, the student met with representatives of the Company, and shared his impressions on studying in the leading higher education institution in economics in the country, his achievements, and thanked his sponsors for their support. During his year at KSE, the young man won the 2019 CFA Institute Research Challenge in Ukraine, represented the country in the EMEA CFA Research Challenge regional finals in Switzerland, won the National Finals of the L’Oreal Brandstorm project, and actively volunteered. The Company has decided to provide the capable student with the funds to continue his studies at the prestigious school for another year.

Also, New Products Group is supporting “Kontora Pi” — an educational project where a mathematical community of talented children and teachers are preparing a smart nation for a successful future. The project participants study advanced mathematics, deepen their English skills, create unique business projects, and change their own way of thinking.

In order to maximize the implementation of charitable, philanthropic and volunteer projects, in 2014, the Company decided to create a Charity Fund “Nova Gromada”, which is set up to efficiently respond to the needs of society. The main directions of the fund’s activities are philanthropic programs, social projects in Zhashkiv, the Zhashkiv district and the Cherkasy region, and assistance to the Ukrainian Army.

Today, the fund regularly financially supports social institutions in the region, including by purchasing expensive equipment, helping veterans, people with disabilities, elderly citizens, as well as residents of the Zhashkiv region who suffered difficult circumstances and found themselves in a vulnerable position. The Fund pays great attention to assisting the Ukrainian Army, as the country in the times of hardship needs the support of the society, especially businesses. “Nova Gromada” regularly participates in the provision of assistance, which the volunteers send to the East to help the defenders of Ukraine. The support of our soldiers also continues beyond the frontline — the fund closely cooperates with the Union of ATO Participants from Zhashkiv, the Zhashkiv regional military commision, and assists the families of the dead soldiers and volunteers.

In 2019, New Products Group was allocated over 2.2 million UAH to charitable projects.

The good deed calendar: some of the achievements of the “Nova Gromada” fund in 2019*

The Fund allocated 250 000 UAH for the necessary diagnostic equipment for the Centre for Primary Healthcare in Zhashkiv, which was lacking for quality patient care.

The charity has provided over 16 500 UAH to the Zhashkiv School №4 for the purchase and installation of insulated windows to provide comfortable learning conditions for the children. 

At the request of the management of the Zhashkiv School №1, “Nova Gromada” allocated the funds for the repair and equipping of the chess classroom, which became fully operational for the first time since 1979.

The Zhashkiv School №2 received material support: “Nova Gromada” helped buy new lockers for the primary school facilities.

As part of its cultural patronage, “Nova Gromada” allocated funds for the publication of books by talented Zhashkiv citizens and for the trip of the ensemble “Spadshchyna” (“Heritage”) to the IX All-Ukrainian Festival of Folk Art “Chervona Kalyna”. 

On the occasion of Children’s Day, the local kids, as well as the Zhashkiv City House of Culture, which organized the holiday for the children, received sweet gifts by New Products Group from the Fund.

NGO “Union of Participants of ATO of the Zhashkiv Region” received assistance in the form of products by New Products Group in the amount of more than 21 000 UAH, which was delivered by volunteers to the ATO zone.

The Fund has helped in the repair of the car used by volunteers in Zhashkiv Region  to deliver assistance to the military in the East. In addition to this, the installation of insulated doors at school №5 was also funded.

Within the framework of large-scale infrastructure projects, the Fund has directed more than 1.5 million UAH to the construction of sidewalks in the area of Heroes of ATO Streets — Peremohy Street and Rynkova Street in Zhashkiv. 

The Zhashkiv City Council received a specialized cargo van from the “Nova Gromada” Fund for the timely delivery of fresh products to schools and kindergartens of the community.

Tens of thousands of UAH of financial assistance was provided for 11 Zhashkiv residents who needed immediate medical treatment.

The Territorial Centre for Social Services for Citizens of the Zhashkiv Region has received assistance in the amount of almost 5000 UAH, which were spent to purchase a new refrigerator for medicine and energy-saving lightbulbs.

*Read the full list of charitable expenses on the “Nova Gromada” Charity Fund website. 


In July 2015, the newspaper “Nova Gromada” started being issued with a circulation of 5000 copies, which publishes up-to-date information about charitable projects of the fund and news of the Zhashkiv region, the main place of the publication’s distribution. The newspaper is free for readers, it is created, printed and distributed exclusively at the expense of the charity fund “Nova Gromada” and New Products Group. The newspaper is available in two formats — a printed and an electronic version, which is posted on the website of the “Nova Gromada” Fund: In 2019, ten issues were published.