Summer is in full swing: the NON STOP brand and “Rud” present the first energy ice cream on the Ukrainian market


The Ukrainian pioneer of energy drinks NON STOP™ and Ukraine’s “No.1 Ice Cream” brand Rud™ jointly created a unique product that will “make your summer”. Energy ice cream NON STOP™ is the first functional fruit ice on the Ukrainian market that gives you an energy boost and refreshment at the same time!

Heat often makes people lethargic, sleepy, and sluggish. Work, study, sports or outdoor activities all these plans melt away as the desire for an endless siesta creeps up. Energy ice cream NON STOP™ has almost the same composition and properties as the energy drink of the same name, but weighing only 80 grams. It is characterized by a high content of caffeine and taurine, which, in combination with a vitamin complex (C, B5, B6, B9, PP) provides a quick burst of energy, increases vitality, promotes renewal of strength after physical or mental stress, and also provides relief from the summer heat!

Energy ice NON STOP™ is a real temptation during the hot season. It has the seductive colour of rich caramel, the sweet and sour taste of barberry with hints of grapefruit, similar to the NON STOP™ Original drink, and is in a convenient form of ice cream on a stick. The product is expected to appear in Ukrainian retail chains by the end of May.

“From now on, your favorite NON STOP™ drink is available in the form of delicious fruit ice. In Europe, this category of products occupies its own niche and is in demand. In Ukraine, such a delicacy will appear for the first time and, we are sure, will gain extraordinary popularity. We are grateful to our co-creators — the Rud company — for their openness to new, bright, fresh ideas — as fresh as our unique energy ice cream!”, commented Gennady Dovhan, Marketing Director of New Products Group.

“Rud” is a leader among Ukrainian ice cream producers, founded in 1998 on the basis of the former Zhytomyr Butter Factory. It stands out on the market by employing the latest technology, boasts the largest sales volumes and the highest operational efficiency. The company produces high-quality ice cream and frozen products, which are released under more than 15 successful brands. The slogan of the company is “No.1 Ice Cream”, because its products not only satisfy the needs, but also exceed the expectations of consumers.

NON STOP™ is an energy drink for active people. Appearing on the market in May 2005, it turned the Ukrainian consumer’s idea of ​​energy drinks upside down. The fundamental difference between NON STOP™ lies in its unique and improved formula. Thanks to the increased content of caffeine and taurine, in combination with the powerful NON STOP™ vitamin complex, it enhances physical endurance, mental concentration, reduces fatigue and improves emotional well-being.