Spring advertising campaign from the first 100% natural energy drink NON STOP Evo


April 19 has seen the launch of the 2021 national television advertising campaign for NON STOP Evolution, the first energy drink in Ukraine with exclusively natural ingredients. Until the end of spring, the key TV channels of the country – Novy Kanal, ICTV, STB, 1+1, 2+2, M1, M2, Paramount Comedy, Music Box, TET, XSport, OTV – will be broadcasting an advertising video produced by the creative agency Tabasco and Rocket Juice Film. Leonid Kolosovsky, a famous Ukrainian director and clip maker, worked on the implementation of the project.

The classic story of Adam and Eve gets a new life here and an unexpected reading through the prism of the NON STOP Evo concept. The plot raises many reasonable questions. What if Eden is not heaven? What if love is not a sin? And what if there is something more desirable than the forbidden fruit? NON STOP Evo offers an alternative view of the story, where the bite of temptation is one of healing, and the devil’s snake is defeated by the energy of human feelings, blessed by nature itself.

NON STOP Evolution is the first 100% natural energy drink in Ukraine, which embodies the latest global trends in the field of healthy lifestyle. The drink contains such active substances as baobab extract, ginkgo biloba, natural caffeine and guarana. The natural content of supercomponents is complemented by a reduced sugar content and a reduced calorie content – only 33 kcal per 100 ml. The idea of purity and completely natural origin is successfully emphasized by the modern minimalist design of the can by TS/D Agency.