Some good advice for multitaskers from nutritionist Oleksandr Kushch


The pace of life is accelerating relentlessly and we need to be more resourceful. Thoughtfully reading a book all day and contemplating complex concepts is a great luxury in today’s world. We work, live, and sometimes even entertain ourselves almost at the same time. In short, we are multitasking.

Accordingly, the inner strength for building a career, raising children, traveling, and processing huge amounts of information needs to be drawn somewhere. Our sources of energy, though, have not changed: they are food and sleep. But the approach needs to be much more thoughtful, and here is why: energy is produced in the process of breaking down certain substances during digestion, so it is very important to know what products we should eat to benefit our bodies.

First of all, to increase your productivity, you should understand the conceptual importance of breakfast. It should consist of slow carbohydrates that do not burn up quickly, but are gradually broken down throughout the day. Next, you should be eating as you feel hungry and make sure you’re not overeating, because dense meals, above all, make you drowsy.

It is necessary to reduce sugar consumption to a minimum. It provokes a jump in insulin and then a sharp drop, making us immediately exhausted. Alcohol and oxygen starvation also have a detrimental effect on your energy level.

And what about coffee and other stimulants? Everyone will say that they significantly help to perk us up, but are they safe? You can consume them in small doses. And this dose has long been determined by the reputable international organization EFSA: 400 milligrams of caffeine per day for a healthy adult.

This is confirmed by Oleksandr Kushch – a nutritionist, sports medicine doctor, family doctor and participant in the initiative “Consume Sensibly”. In his new article “Have Time for Everything, or Where to Get Energy for Daily Multitasking”, published in the electronic version of the magazine “Edinstvennaya”, he writes as follows: “We take energy for our daily tasks mainly through proper nutrition, so it is important to find a balance. In addition, it is important to get enough sleep, not to overeat, and not to starve, make sure to eat breakfast, not indulge in fast carbohydrates and sugar, control the amount of caffeine that enters the body per day. Sometimes you can get your charge from energy drinks, but do not overdo it”. We highly recommend reading the article in full!