Our SHAKE starring in Nadia Dorofeeva and Max Barskih video


Our bright SHAKE starred in Nadia Dorofeeva and Max Barskih video. According to the plot of the video, directed by renowned music video maker Alan Badoev, singers Nadia Dorofeeva and Max Barskih throw a grand party right in the middle of the steppe in the night.

The video begins with the musicians and their friends going on a trip with low-alcohol SHAKE cocktails to cheer them up, because these cocktails always create great atmosphere under any circumstances: at a party, picnic, or when you’re just sitting and chatting with your friends.

Dorofeeva and Barskih dedicated their new hit called Rhythms to their friends and all Ukrainians, including those scattered now around all the world and missing their homeland. The artists admitted that it had taken them only a week to implement the concept and shoot the video. So, as you can see, our SHAKE drinks inspire taking on just crazy adventures!

As you know, the SHAKE brand was the first in Ukraine to produce ready-to-drink versions of world-famous alcoholic cocktails. SHAKE keeps on tracking views and interests of its audience, changes flexibly to meet their preferences, and therefore always remains trendy.