SHAKE™ now wears tight and tempts even more at parties…


Packaging restyling of the legendary glamorous cocktail and a commercial in the crazy nightlife style

One-piece swimwear is in fashion this summer! As they carefully veil the mystery and awaken the appetite for the inner essence. To emphasize the enchanting shape of its elegant bottle, SHAKE™ also dressed up in a new one-piece packaging “sleever”, made of bright and soft to the touch matte wrap. The author of the new design is Dima Tsapko, Art Director and Founder of TS/D Agency, and the co-author is Alexander Strizhelchik, Creative Director of New Products Group.

The favorite entire line of cosmopolitan tastes – Bora Bora, Tequila Sombrero, Sexx on the Beach, Daiquiri, Ice Baby, Sprizz and Fragorino – got a new trendy look, even more recognizable and contrasting. Simultaneously with the redesign of SHAKE™ in 0,33 l glass bottles, the look of SHAKE™ cocktails in 0,5 l cans has changed. Thanks to the special matte packaging the colorful and stylish can is even more pleasant to hold in hands. The new products have recently came on the market and are already tempting from the store shelves all lovers of the beautiful glittering life.

The redesign of product packaging is highlighted by the new commercial video Shake it, baby! This is a bright manifesto for the renewed SHAKE™ 2021, recorded in a juicy visual row full of fun, action and awesome special effects! Top art-teams and clip-makers were involved in the production of this extraordinary work: Creative Digital Agency – ISD Group, Production – No Stars, Director – Medet Shayakhmetov.

The beautiful life is no longer about standards, they have gone away. The new beauty has no single definition, it is diverse, that is why it is exciting to keep an eye on it. And that means the entrance to the most stylish party of the year is open to everyone who is not afraid to express themselves and be in the center of attention. To be the one everyone likes? Doesn’t matter. Be attractive to everyone? Impossible. As everyone has a different point of view on their smartphone screen. And everyone sees your beauty differently. Shake it, baby!

In the video we see the main character: a bright-looking girl in a sparkly tight dress – satisfied, brave, self-confident. Energized by SHAKE™ mood, she jumps into the vortex of nightlife: the bright crowd, the powerful sound, the whirlwind of emotions. The camera follows the happy girl who seems to be soaring above the world. Instagram streams are going non-stop, tons of likes are coming, dazzling smiles are shining: this is what happens when you are the queen of the dance floor and a social network star!

“SHAKE™ is the pioneer of Ukrainian low-alcohol drinks market. It appeared in the far 2003 and became the favorite first-born of the New Products Group, embodying the audience’s dream of a beautiful sweet life. SHAKE™ follows its consumers through the time and viewpoint volatility, flexibly transforming, and that’s why it always stays in the trend. The idea of cultural diversity and virtual reality currently rules the world, and it perfectly fits the image of light and always unbiased SHAKE™. The appearance, musical taste, sexual orientation, profession and hobbies all this works best in the mix, being the most delicious cocktail of life! That’s why SHAKE™ motivates: change yourself for the better, but be yourself, express yourself boldly, but do not impose your views, then you will become the epicenter of public attention and public enthusiasm” – comments Borys Tkachov, Head of Strategy at New Products Group.

The commercial has already been released at the beginning of August and the video step by step will be spread through new media channels. Everyone should know that SHAKE™ is becoming more and more shiny every year like a radiant diamond of the Ukrainian drinks market. And let your summer last as long as possible with the renewed SHAKE™!

The advertising campaign was created by:

Client – New Products Group

  • Creative Director – Alexander Strizhelchik 
  • Head of Strategy – Borys Tkachov 


  • Chief Creative Officer Viktor Shkurba 
  • Sategy Director Mikhael Traverse 
  • Сreative Director Andrii Mischenko 
  • Аrt Director Marina Kizilova 
  • Client Service Director Svitlana Myronchuk 
  • Account manager Yaroslava Sidorchuk 
  • Creative Producer Jack Baratov 
  • Copywriter Yuliia Ivakina 
  • Designer Ira Lipavskaya 
  • Junior manager Anastasiia Garmasheva

No Stars 

  • Director Medet Shayakhmetov
  • DOP Ilya Maksimenko
  • 1st AD Maxim Balter
  • Executive producer Kostya Galyko
  • Producer Olya Daniukova
  • PA Evelina Bialaja
  • Set Designer Danil Dubrovskiy
  • PM Mikola Poluden
  • Casting Manager Pavel Makarchenko, Katya Mamchur
  • Location Manager Pavel Botvinovskiy
  • Wardrobe stylist Vasya Bondarenko
  • Make-up & Hairstyle Vadim Liashenko
  • Gaffer Aleksandr Shvet
  • Focus Puller Vladislav Dobrik
  • 1st АC Pasha Chui
  • Playback Yura Klim
  • Post Production Producer Evelina Bialaja
  • Post Production & Special Effects Buralqy
  • Editor Andre Peretrutov
  • Colorist Yerlan Tanayev
  • Sound Design – Aleksandr Pustarnakov