Rodent vs runner, or size matters: a commercial for the energy drink brand NON STOP impressed the jury of YO!DA 2020


Everyone decides for themselves: are they a rodent in life, or a runner? Do they timidly hide in the warm nest, or do they move non-stop, no matter the perspective and purpose? Do they have a large “wheel of life” or very small one? The scale of personality depends on it. The new creative commercial for the NON STOP brand may have such a worldview. Or it may not. After all, this is a matter of how one reads it…

No matter what, NON STOP™ always inspires you to take the first step! On October 9, the YO Directors Awards 2020 took place an award for young producers who are just starting out in the professional field. Kirill Svetashov won the Grand Prix for his non-trivial video for NON STOP™. Here is how the author himself explained the idea: “The idea for NON STOP™ came to me the day before the submission deadline, and I sent it quickly having only written out the story as a cinematic script. I wanted to shoot an unusual plot, impossible in real life, but at the same time one that would evoke vivid emotions in the viewer, despite the absurdity of what is happening”.

The debutant in his own way interpreted the concept of “uninterrupted energy”, which is represented by NON STOP™. According to the plot of the video, the hero is trying to force his pet a hamster to master the running wheel. However, the unmoving animal hides in the comfort of his little wooden house and wouldn’t so much as peek out. All attempts to encourage the rodent food, video, fingers fail. Then the hero realizes he can lead by his own example! A sip of NON STOP™, a full carpenter’s work day, a tracksuit in the style of the glamorous 80’s and now he is running in a human-sized hamster wheel. And although the hamster is not impressed by this performance, its owner acquires excellent physical shape and energy.

The mission of the contest YO! Directors Awards (YO!DA), is to find new names in Ukrainian advertising; to find bright, talented young filmmakers who want to shoot high-quality modern advertising, and give them the opportunity to get their first advertising work in their own portfolio. So this year’s Grand Prix Jury Prize went to Kirill Svetashov for his work for NON STOP™, and he received a grant of $2000 for the best implemented idea.

“We offered NON STOP™ to the competition as a “testing ground” for the creativity of young talents, because the brand is very bright, expressive, has character and easily leads to interesting thoughts. Our expectations were justified – Grand Prix was received! We wish the winner Kirill Svetashov “never to stop”: neither in the day nor in the night! Because creativity is the eternal engine that forces the inner and outer worlds to evolve rapidly”, – commented Boris Tkachov, Strategy and Research Director of New Products Group.