REVOlutionary standup club “POREVO”, episode №2: an energetic cocktail of humour from five cracking residents!


On June 22, the official channel released the second issue of the ambitious stand-up show “POREVO”, which intends to become a model of the genre in the Ukrainian YouTube segment. Five incendiary comedians without notes or censorship showed the audience their bizarre observations, unexpected reflections, and all this from an angle that an ordinary person can never calibrate, even with a good charge from REVO™! By the way, an obligatory element of each scenario is the preparation of a whimsical drink based on the well-known energy drink and an anecdote about it from the presenter Ivan Barbul. This time the behind-the-scenes bartender invented an exclusive REVO-cocktail “Barberry Razor”: it is dedicated to all sharp-tongued connoisseurs!

Who are our heroes, ready to blow up the Ukrainian stand-up scene in general and rock your world in particular? Mykyta Shevchuk – author and actor of the KVN team “Odeski Mansy”, the Higher League of KVN/”League of Laughter”, the winner of the contest “Amuse the Comedian” on the TV channel “1+1”; Andriy Shchehel – participant of countless open mics and underground stand-up parties, winner of the Indie Comedians Festival in the nomination “Audience Choice Award” (2016); Mykyta Alekseiev – a comedy pro, member of the stand-up club “Kotoryi”; Artur Petrov – screenwriter of TV and film projects, father of two children and a pug, participant of the show “Comic for a Million” and “Good Night Club” on the TV channel “1+1”; Zhenya Leshchenko – a stand-up comedian, creator and head of the stand-up club Split Comedy; and the constant host Ivan Barbul – the first Ukrainian prankster, creator of the show “Ivan Nedorn”, stand-up comedian and just a good man.

The topics raised in the issue were REVOlutionarily unexpected. The energy received from energy drinks – how does one use it? Conversations on intimate topics – how does one win this game? The impressive hipster Mykyta Shevchuk advises. Thirst and world domination, morning stress and obsessive service – “watery” delusions from the defiant Andriy Shchegel. Who sucks on your hookah? Plus erotic fantasies about how your grill gets polished. Funny rants from the cute modest Mykyta Alekseiev. Female “peculiarities”, dominant mothers and the nuances of male urination – all this in the interpretation of the hilarious and bearded Artur Petrov. The hard life after 40… extra pounds. Clothes, women, stairs, suicide and other stuff – in a self-ironic sketch of the plump and sweet Zhenya Leshchenko. And, of course, a heartfelt cocktail story about Boris and the Bull – from the charismatic Ivan Barbul.

Laughter is always erotic. Tune in for the next “POREVO”, because these are the jokes you fall in love with, comedians that excite you and drinks that make you drip… Subscribe to the channel:!