REVO Shizandra – we create global trends



International Commission on Trends and Innovations Innova marked a new generation of functional ingredients – adaptogens at the international food fair Anuga 2015.

The world’s leading experts in the field of food technology, participating in the Anuga 2015 in Cologne, highly estimated New Products Group’s beverage. Cocktail REVO Shizandra was recognized the Trend of the Year  among food products containing adaptogens.

The drink went on sale in March 2014 and became a real discovery for fans of low alcohol energy drinks. Today REVO Shizandra is sold only in Ukraine, and this kind of beverage line has caught up in popularity with REVO Cherry, ahead of Grapefruit.

The secret of REVO Shizandra popularity is in its unique recipe. New Products Group is almost the only beverage manufacturer in the world using schizandra (Chinese lemongrass) extract as a natural component in the energy drinks production instead of caffeine.

For more than 4,000 years shizandra has been widely used in Chinese medicine: its healing properties are confirmed by many generations; it is among the five most miraculous herbal medicines in the world. The plant contains natural adaptogens, stimulating the brain functions, increasing endurance, stress and infectious diseases resistance. Thus, adaptogens can be called a new curve of functional benefit. Now you do not need to accelerate or relax – just have a drink with shizandra extract and you can successfully adapt to any life rhythm.

“Energy and sports ingredients have formed billions of consumption volumes worldwide during the last two decades. Isotonics, energy drinks, gipotoniks, relaxants and others – there are many variations. New Products Group keeps pace with the times, using innovative technologies in its production. And REVO Shizandra victory at the fair in Cologne is another confirmation of our success, “- Victoria Papazova, Marketing Director at New Products Group, says.

Anuga is the world´s leading food fair for the retail trade, food service and catering market, the main motto of which is: ‘Food quality and safety.’ Since 1924, every 2 years Anuga locates ten separate exposures representing the main sectors of food industry at one site. In 2015, the fair occupied 248,000 square meters, gathered 7,063 exhibitors including 769 German and 6,294 foreign companies from 108 countries.