REVO™ participates in Skibidi challenge


Ukrainian companies continue to get involved in a crazy flashmob that was launched by the music video “Skibidi” by the band Little Big. This time, REVO (New Products Group) and its trusted representatives, the characters from the popular web-series “The Fantastic Multi-Energy Blockbuster” about the adventures of the Cosmonaut and the REVO can – the Cosmonaut and the Hyrogopnik – participated in the flashmob in their unique manner.

Making fun of reality and human character is prevalent in Little Big’s music, and their completely “bonkers” style is so close to the REVO™ philosophy that the brand could not stay away from this movement.

“Every skibidi-challenge is different!” responded Elena Selutina, PR Director of New Products Group, with excitement. “Many excellent and respected companies and brands took part in this movement. But Revo can do what restriction policies do not allow other brands to do – crazy antics. This brand is such a unique national favourite that the challenge performed by it takes the grand prix at the festival of skibidi-challenges.”

REVO™ is one of the first brands by New Products Group, and it has been on the Ukrainian market since 2007. The legendary REVO™ commercial with the Cosmonaut, which can now be viewed on the Revoenergydrink channel, won numerous awards at advertising and creative festivals, in particular, winning the Grand Prix and five golden awards at the Kyiv International Advertising Festival 2014. When the limited edition version of REVO™ with the trendy flavour of orange + strawberry and black pepper was released in June 2018, it was the image of the Cosmonaut that decorated the unique comic-bookish can in the style of pop-art. And it was the Cosmonaut and the REVO Can who became the main characters of the series which came out in support of this limited version.

The digital agency ODDEE created the concept and produced the Youtube series. They also made the video featuring REVO for #Skibidichallenge.

“We set a goal to integrate the heroes of the series into situations and activities (as part of the SMM strategy),” notes Creative Director of ODDEE Agency Alina Tsyganok. “By a lucky coincidence, Oddee Agency is the organizer of Little Big’s concert in Kyiv, so together with the challenge, we present a chance to win a ticket to the concert for the viewers of the series and further introduce Little Big ( to an invested audience. And most likely we will show the Cosmonaut’s adventures at the concert on Instagram.”