REVO™ fans met with the Cosmonaut, the REVO Can and other characters from the fantastic multi-energy blockbuster


Numerous fans have long demanded a live meeting with the heroes of their favorite Instagram series, and finally, the long-awaited event took place at the Kyiv Innovation Space CeHUB. It was possible to get into the private event by filling out an online form ahead of time. Applications were accepted for about a month, and in early December, 50 fans were selected and received an invitation to the meet-up.

Since the unique cross-media project – a mini-series about the adventures of the Cosmonaut and the REVO Can – launched on the Revoenergydrink Youtube channel, the crazy pair and the series itself gained an army of loyal fans. The idea of the series that any obstacles can be overcome if you apply humor and non-standard way of thinking found enthusiastic support from the young audience. The fantastic multi-energy blockbuster gained a million views on Youtube and became the basis for a comic book. The fans wrote to the Cosmonaut on Instagram, demanding new episodes and insisting on having a fan meet-and-greet. The first “de-virtualization” of the Cosmonaut took place at Comic Con 2018, where he personally presented the newly published comic books REVO “SPACE OVEЯ”. This time at CeHub, the Cosmonaut was accompanied and supported by his loyal friend the REVO Can and other characters of the comic book and series.

Fans and their idols partied in the crazy REVO atmosphere: they watched their favorite episodes of the series live and even became part of the action, asked questions and received witty answers, took selfies with their favorite characters, held a contest and an autograph session – the Cosmonaut gifted and signed the collector’s edition of the REVO comic book “SPACE OVEЯ”.

With that, New Products Group has added fan meet-ups to the various activities of REVO™. In anticipation of the second season of the series, we can confidently say that this meet-up was the first, but certainly not the last.