REVO™ delves into the art of native advertising: the brand has released “Love In Uniform”: a colorful mini-film in the style of the daring 90’s


The REVO brand, well-known for unique advertising and creative know-how, once again sets the tone for the domestic advertising market. For the first time in Ukraine, a long ad in the style of a short feature film “Love In Uniform” was presented to the audience, created to promote the limited edition drink REVO Love Is. However, the tactic of “creative hooliganism” is applied not only to the colorful plot, which parodies a typical crime TV series of 20 years ago, but also to the unusual promotion style: according to the legend, the video was created and shot by two popular bloggers – Mark Kutsevalov and Tomash Kudryavyi, who also star as two protagonists of the film. In fact, the idea and its implementation belong to the creative collaboration of New Products Group, the manufacturer of REVO™, and the ODDEE agency.

“The new REVO Love Is video uses a native advertising format, based on the trend for long artistic commercials with product integration. Moreover, we approached the promotion in a very unusual way to give the campaign maximum organic feel. We really wanted the audience to evaluate our creativity impartially, so we did everything to prevent the anticipation that they will now be “force-fed the ad”, and just admired the developments and the funny grotesqueness of the plot”, said Elena Selyutina, Communications Director of New Products Group. “Everything in this world is cyclical: fashion, humor, music… So we decided to advertise in a style that is familiar to everyone, and has now become a classic. Nostalgia for the early 2000s: apartment blocks, cassettes/DVDs, “Brigada”, garages – all these are recognizable images for our audience, added Elena Chuvakina, the company’s brand director.

According to the plot of the video, one of the dealers expressively shares his bizarre adventures during a vacation with an apathetic friend at a criminal gathering. The course of his absurd thoughts so deeply occupies the viewer’s attention that the abrupt transition to the pretext of the meeting is very striking: it turns out that there is an operation to sell a batch of a powerful aphrodisiac – “REVO Love Is”. The atmosphere is fully consistent with the “autumn of 93”: tracksuits, black Mercedes, suitcases with money, chains around necks and rosaries in hands – it’s the daring 90’s, baby! The cinematic style of the cinematography and the non-advertising presentation do the trick: until the last moment, the viewers don’t even know that they are watching a commercial, because the product appears in the frame at the last moment and in the most unexpected way!

“Native advertising of a product is a trend of the modern world. Everything is invisible, hidden, like in everyday life: it’s in sight, but does not attract attention. This concept was used by Tarantino, and Kubrick, and Scorsese. So we also adopted this principle. You don’t expect something that you just saw at a shop around the corner to appear on screen. We also chose bloggers deliberately. Mark is the personification of metaphors and allegories, he embodies unexpected turns of events and is a wonderful actor. And, well, Tomash – he just threatened us with a machine gun. Have you seen his gangster hairstyle? He just fit this role perfectly, as if he revived a real bandit from the 90s in 2020,” explained Ivan Bazar, CEO ODDEE.

The finished video was first posted on the pages of the bloggers under the guise of their own production: “Here is a short film we shot with Mark to show @revo_energy_drink how to make commercials. If they like it, I expect a box of REVOs from them, we got really hooked on it, “ Tomash commented under the post. “Mark, we need more vids like this”, “Cool, more stuff about the 90’s”, “You’re gorgeous. Mark is really handsome. This style suits you well,”  streamed in the responses from surprised followers.

The mini-film “Love In Uniform” can be viewed on the bloggers’ Instagram pages, as well as on the official revo_energy_drink page.