REVO™ and Santa Cosmonaut give out presents


The cross-media project by Revo Energy™ expands the territory of its activities. The characters from the Fantastic Multi-Energy Blockbuster, already beloved by fans, the Cosmonaut, the REVO Can, and the recognizable by now Elf (the actor who played all the supporting characters in the series also played this role) took another step towards being closer to their fans.

In early December, a deal was announced on Facebook and Instagram: write a letter to Santa Cosmonaut and receive a gift. Everything was designed in the REVO™ signature witty and relaxed manner, with conditions that requests for “expensive garbage” will not be accepted, but to give “something for the soul will be our pleasure”. Everyone wants to celebrate the holidays, including independent young people who have already grown out of writing letters to Santa Claus and may look down on such “childish shenanigans” with jaded contempt. But these same young people have been actively communicating with the Cosmonaut on Instagram for several months. Therefore, they happily wrote to Santa Cosmonaut and asked for gifts.

“Surprisingly, there were no unrealistic requests, like cars or trips. Fans asked to send REVO™ comics and the legendary energy drink itself, invited their favorite characters to the ice-skating rink and even… asked to clean their apartment”, – notes Alina Tsyganok, creative director of the Oddee agency, co-author of the Revo Energy™ project.

Some of the most original letters were read by the Elf, the Cosmonaut and the Can in the festive video “Santa Cosmo-Claus and New Year’s Wishes”. The mini-film in the style of the “fantastic multi-energy blockbuster” is a kind of New Year’s special for the series, which, of course, will whet the appetite of fans on the eve of the second season of the project.

“In the five months since the launch of the project, the REVO™ brand has made a real leap forward. And it’s not just about sales growth, which, of course, we are very happy with. We are also talking about transforming the attitude of a young audience towards REVO™. This is no longer just a utilitarian “consumer-product” relationship, but a much warmer and friendlier one. The Cosmonaut is now a full-fledged brand ambassador, while the REVO Can turned into the epitome of a cheerful, easy-going, chatty friend who is always ready to help you out of any sticky situation. People write them letters, and they expect a response. We are sure that the project has great potential, and that REVO™ and the Cosmonaut will continue to shine”, – comments Elena Selutina, PR Director of New Products Group.

We remind you that the project started in June 2018, when New Products Group released a limited version of the energy drink REVO™ in collectible cans and simultaneously launched a mini-series about the adventures of the Cosmonaut and the REVO Can on its Youtube channel, created by ODDEE Agency. Since the project sparked interest and a surge of fan activity, it was decided to integrate the heroes of the series into various situational and offline activities. The Cosmonaut began corresponding with fans, and had to work in two shifts, as he replied to everybody. In the first three months, both Insta and Youtube gained 40,000 subscribers, and the series itself was viewed more than a million times.