Respect the energy. At home. PIT BULL™ has launched #sofachallenge for anyone who wants to party even during quarantine


Staying home has already exceeded all the limits of the much longed-for vacation. Everyone misses the excitement of activities and communication. Therefore, in order to avoid drowning in biblical mortal sins of gluttony, lust or laziness while drowning in the pillows of your own sofa, PIT BULL™ has launched a funny challenge on social networks called #sofahero. All the participant needs to do is come up with a scenario featuring their “quarantine partner” – the sofa, and post the photo or video on their page with the hashtags #pitbullenergy and #sofahero. The award will find the chosen ones on May 11 in the form of an “anti-crisis pack” with their beloved PIT BULL™ inside. The best entries will be collected in the final “Sofa manifesto” and posted on the communication platforms of Pit Bull Energy.

“Even in difficult circumstances, our brand is in touch with its audience in order to support and encourage it, as a true source of energy should. This remains unchanged regardless of location: a boxing ring, a rap battle stage, or even a sofa. The currently running advertising campaigns are appropriate to the present situation and public sentiment. But PIT BULL™ will not preach, repeat the annoying pandemic mantra, or impose its product, but simply do everything to cheer people up, give them the opportunity to stretch those lazy muscles and pump up the brain in a positive way. The consumer should know that PIT BULL™ is your bro, your pal, who is always there for you to have a good time together”, – said Elena Chuvakina, brand director of New Products Group.

The co-authors and engines of the dynamic “sofa content” are long-time creative friends of New Products Group – #ODDEE Agency. They filmed the explosive and provocative, in a positive sense of the word, teaser for the “Sofa manifesto”, which stirred up the “sleepy kingdom” of those weary of quarantine. The creative concept continues the consistently implemented the PIT BULL™ strategy of creating native content that naturally attracts the consumers in accordance with their preferences, hobbies, and interests. Here is how Ivan Bazar, CEO of ODDEE, commented on the choice of marketing tools: “Now people with iPhones, and even more so with the advent of Tik Tok, generate content at a frantic speed, and you can’t keep up with them. In addition, there is a lot of fan content, and maintaining the “serious” tone of the voice and coordinating the visuals create a delay, so you need to be quick, or you will be forgotten. We want to be in this content race, so we are stimulating UGC with the product placement of the brand”.

The target audience of PIT BULL™ is agile, restless, and finds it difficult to restrict physical activity. In addition, the fans of the energy drink are traditionally distinguished by their independent character and love of freedom, and find it hard to accept any uncompromising instructions “from above”. Therefore, PIT BULL™ in its communication also carries out an important social mission, trying to reconcile the objective epidemiological need with the free will of temperamental youth. The activation is indirectly based on an important message, which is played through the irony of “a close relationships with your sofa”: yes, #stayhome to preserve your health and speed up the return to your usual rhythm of life, but at the same time, move, be yourself, and live every day joyfully, consciously, and self-disciplined without stopping to energetically take care of your body and mind.

PIT BULL™ is a reputable expert in street culture and street sports. In June 2019, the brand launched the first in the Ukrainian media space online show in the format of a fighting tournament – Pit Bull FIGHT. The concept was to stage MMA fights between fighters representing different types of martial arts and with different stories of getting into professional sports, in particular through female street fighting. The PIT BULL™ culture means: anyone who is strong in spirit, noble in principles and works hard can succeed. As a result, for the courage and innovation Pit Bull FIGHT received the bronze Effie Awards Ukraine 2019 in the category “Branded Content and Service”.

While the active phase of the PIT BULL™ project implementation has been paused, the brand has found the opportunity to actively interact with its large audience with the help of the “sofa challenge”, and has already been rewarded with the first results. Currently, since its release, the teaser gained 10 000 views on YouTube and 155 000 views on Instagram. A large number of positive reviews were received, and particularly active participation is observed in the comments on the personal posts of the heroes of the video who joined the online flashmob. Fire, bicep, and other fun emojis showered on the participants in generous portions. Users continue to enthusiastically pass on to each other the “Olympic flame” of eccentric manipulations with their own couch. All this testifies to the desire of PIT BULL™ consumers to unite and together overcome this difficult test of social distancing.