“Ptyak kutyaps tsrenka”? Why not! WHY NOT™ ad campaign as a manifesto for originality


The craft beer cocktail WHY NOT™ is a product for the young and the bright, for those who need to express themselves and emphasize their originality. On the one hand, craft beer cocktails are the main European bar trend of recent years, so the consumer, by choosing WHY NOT™, immediately feels included in the most prominent European trend. On the other hand, the name of the brand contains a message that is not difficult to understand: much of what we will remember when we’re old began with the phrase “Why not?” and a sip of light alcohol. Is this controversial? Perhaps, but that is how our target audience lives and thinks.

WHY NOT™ went on sale in 2017 in glass bottles. In support of the launch of the drink in cans, New Products Group together with the leading branding agency Tough Slate Design launched an advertising campaign online, creating and posting a series of videos designed to attract the most progressive young audience.

“The task of the advertising campaign is to convey to the consumer that a new packaging format, a tin can, has gone on sale, says Boris Tkachev, the Strategy and Research Director of New Products Group. Based on that, initially the idea of the video was more “rigid”, and our concept had the appropriate working title – “tin”. But during the process, we moved away from such a predictable concept, and the idea transformed into a crazy cocktail of wordplay and key ingredients – amid the sounds of tin cans being opened. Why not?”

“Why Not is a lifestyle philosophy. For those who try, make mistakes and try again, without looking back. Coming up with something really cool or really stupid, living with it for just a second or your entire life, with a million views or just for yourself – why not? The videos consist of a set of non-existent memes, accompanied by bright, sometimes meaningless images – this reflects the thought process of the target audience: they sort out meanings in order to seem original, and it’s okay if it’s just some sort of BZDYAB or HROOKYAV, and not TESLA or PETCUBE. TSRENKA? SHMYA? What is it? Nobody knows yet, and that is what is so attractive – the freedom of interpretations and playing with them is the meaning of the Why Not brand – a bright mix of fun and carelessness”, says Dmitry Tsapko, Art Director and Founder of Tough Slate Design.

WHY NOT™ ads are traditionally created as mini-masterpieces by recognized creators. The commercials for the previous advertising campaign was developed by the team of Banda Agency, who are currently the winners of the bronze Cannes lion and the best agency in the world according to the prestigious international Red Dot Design Awards. A nonstandard way of thinking, unexpected turns that do not fit into common logic – that is why our ads immediately stand out among the general “mass” of advertising. The new ads by Tough Slate Design are no less creative: everything is original here, even words. And we are very pleased to note that the Tough Slate Design team also just received two top awards at Red Dot: Best of the Best.

The new online advertising campaign started this summer and will continue throughout autumn 2018.