Products for productivity: food and beverages that stimulate human activity


Office life and stress at work are exhausting physically and mentally, if you do not regulate your condition, or reward yourself with good rest, sports and delicious, nutritious and regular meals. There are even such medical diagnoses as chronic fatigue syndrome and emotional burnout. Oleksandr Kushch, a sports medicine doctor, nutritionist, therapist, expert in the development of the “Single Fitness Standard of Ukraine” and a participant in the “Consume Sensibly” initiative, recently shared with readers how to best approach this.

His first piece of advice is not to skip breakfast as the most important meal of the day. Moreover, the morning meal of a mine worker and an office worker should be significantly different. The second piece of advice is to avoid inappropriate and useless snacks overloaded with fast carbs and “empty calories”. Lunch should be hearty, but not excessive, dinner – light and not late. We must strive for a diet that provides energy, not takes it away for digestion. And do not forget about oxygen: regular ventilation and walks in the fresh air will help avoid hypoxia, the first symptoms of which are weakness, drowsiness and fatigue.

And is it okay to stimulate your body with caffeine, and in particular – energy drinks? The expert says – it is. But the main thing is to remember the dosage: no more than 400 mg of the substance per day from any source. “It is also important to remember that no energy drink should be consumed on an empty stomach, instead of eating, or at bedtime. They do not quench thirst. And do not forget – energy drinks do not create additional energy, but “loan” it from the body. Abusing them can lead to depletion in the body,” warns the nutritionist.

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