The complete range of New Products Group beverages is produced at the modern factory in Zhashkiv — a small town located at the border of Kyiv and Cherkasy provinces. The production facility which is able to deliver beverages meeting the world’s strictest quality standards was constructed in Zhashkiv for a good reason. This town was selected based on a number of criteria. First of all, it’s located in the central part of Ukraine — a perfect location from a logistics point of view. Secondly, Zhashkiv is situated in a secure ecological environment which enables the extraction of high-quality water. Thirdly, the Cherkasy province and Zhashkiv in particular, demonstrate a positive pace of economic development. The time has proven that the construction of key production facilities in Zhashkiv was a strategically correct decision for the Company.

Modern equipment installed in the workshops of Zhashkiv factory enables the production of the widest range of packaging and beverages which meet all international quality standards.

There are lines of quick bottling of beverages at the factory which optimize the production process. The factory in Zhashkiv has the capacity not only to satisfy the current demand for the Company’s products but if need be to further increase the production output.

Each year, the Company invests in upgrading and expanding production facilities. In 2017, New Products Group acquired a German beer factory, which was transferred to the Zhashkiv plant, where the construction of premises and the installation of a beer production line were taking place in 2018-2019. New production facilities include a brewery, a fermentation facility, a cool fermentation facility, packaging and quality control equipment. The capacity of the new enterprise is 30 million liters of drinks per year; the keg line, which is part of the plant, provides the production of 2400 kegs per day. The MRP-based production system saves water and eliminates the negative impact on the environment.

The state-of-the-art, high-capacity equipment allows to brew beer using classic techniques, implementing the world’s best brewing practices and producing all types of beer (ale and lager) of all varieties. Along with the production of different types of classic beer, the plant will produce trendy beer-based cocktails made from original recipes and using quality local ingredients. At the same time, the equipment eliminates the need for artificial carbonation of the drinks by preserving the carbon dioxide produced during the fermentation process.

Quality check of beverages takes place in a special licensed laboratory at all stages of the production. The certified integrated system of quality and safety management of food products developed in accordance with two international standards — ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 is also in place at our factory.

The high quality of the Company’s products depends on the water which is used for the beverages’ production. As no tradeoffs are acceptable with regard to quality, the Company uses only artesian water with the relevant mineral composition. 9 wells supply the factory with water ensuring that its needs are fully covered. The highest quality of artesian water extracted in Zhashkiv also enabled the launch of the Company’s own trademark of the bottled water — «Pryrodne Dzherelo»™.