Pit Bull Fight ІІІ, fight №3, against a “doubled” opponent


The third fight of the third season of Pit Bull Fight: three rounds of a bloody fight on bandages for the real daredevils. The age difference between the fighters is 12 years. The recklessly brave Ruslan Tkachuk and moderately cautious Andriy Novozhenya. Tank tactics versus bicycle tactics.

The first stable warrior of PIT BULL™ – Thai boxer Ruslan Tkachuk, champion of Ukraine, silver and bronze medalist. Hard, aggressive, works great with his hands. The experienced fighter comes from Donetsk, and at 36 years old, he has spent 15 of them doing sports. He currently trains with the Muay Thai Family team. This is his first time boxing on bandages! His younger rival is our old acquaintance Andriy Novozhenya, the winner of Pit Bull Fight in the off-season. World champion in kickboxing, although he has only been doing it 4 years. Andriy is 24 years old, he comes from the mining town of Pershotravensk. He has a tattoo “Born to be a champion”, which he strives to prove at every tournament!

Ruslan Tkachuk pushes on with the attack, wanting to get everything at once, with one blow. Tense, focused, he sees the goal – not the obstacles. Andriy Novozhenya, on the other hand, moves in the ring freely, unfettered, keeping his distance, and often lowers his hands carelessly. Tkachuk constantly presses him to the net, creating dangerous moments, because his blows are harder and heavier, but not particularly aimed. Novozhenya is light on his feet, more dynamic, keeps his distance, punches and often connects. As a result, Ruslan Tkachuk is already in the second round with dissections and hematomas, his vision is doubled. Because of this, there was great discomfort, “constantly had to fight two opponents”, as Ruslan later commented.

In the third round, Tkachuk acts almost blindly, but still does not have the will to win. The fighter breaks forward until the last seconds, physically and psychologically exhausting the opponent, even though his face is a bloody mess. And only after the end of the third round the judges announce Andriy Novozhenya as the winner who bravely withstood such fierce pressure. The victory was not easy, admits the kickboxer. However, he intends to continue to participate in Pit Bull Fight, as he feels that with each fight he grows professionally, and sees this ambitious project as his “path to the future.”

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