Pit Bull FIGHT – a new player in the culture of mixed martial arts


A unique online project has launched under the auspices of the brand PIT BULLТМ 

The PIT BULL brand pioneered a combat show in a brand new format – the Pit Bull FIGHT online tournament. At the heart of the concept are MMA fights among representatives of various types of martial arts and combat schools in order to determine the most persistent in spirit and strong in physique “fighter in life”, the image of which is traditionally embodied in the culture of PIT BULL. The fights will be conducted weekly online at the virtual octagon located on the atmospheric playground in the “true” style of PIT BULL.

“We continue to develop our own media projects within the portfolio of our brands: we are expanding our presence, increasing the frequency and the period of interaction with the audience. The main idea is to supplement and partially replace traditional advertising, which is becoming less and less effective, with more native formats that are of genuine interest to the modern consumer. In Ukraine, nobody creates quality combat content in an online format for a mass audience, so we rightly consider ourselves innovators”, – commented Gennadiy Dovgan, Marketing Director of New Products Group.

Pit Bull FIGHT does not contain traditional competitions or standard rules, ratings and promoters. The canons were originally established by the ideologues of the project and make it possible to select the brightest and most ambitious participants known for their extraordinary spirit in narrow professional circles. The unpredictability of the result, the adrenaline of a good fight, the lack of the stale commercial gloss are those characteristic features of Pit Bull FIGHT that attract the target audience of the brand, who are inclined to have a nonconformist mindset.

“PIT BULL continues to shape a kind of “code of honour” in the whirlwind of the city streets, and unite people who have solid inner strength. We are proud of our mission of bringing true talents out of the shadows and giving them the level of public attention that they honestly deserve”, – summed up Elena Chuvakina, Brand Director of New Products Group

The public launch of the new project was announced by the release of the manifesto, which took place on the Pit Bull FIGHT YouTube channel. The monochrome footage, which portrays the athletes’ training routines in the small halls of big cities, their daily work on themselves, reflects the overall aesthetics of PIT BULL: the triumph of a strong independent personality who steadily follow their own path.

In total, 14 athletes will participate in the first season of Pit Bull FIGHT. Two men’s fours in the weight category 68-70 kg and one in 85 kg will have two semi-final fights and one final fight. We will see what the representatives of the American kickboxing school Vladislav Fostenko, Dmitry Pyatnitsky and Alexander Ten, and the representatives of Japanese kickboxing (K-1) Nidzhat Valiyev and Alexey Vershinin are capable of. Thai boxers Vladislav Grigoriev and Anatoly Shponarsky, kudo fighters Sergey Vishnevsky and Demian Bundza will also demonstrate their abilities. Artem Veklich will represent the most spectacular and tough karate style – kyokushinkai, Alexander Mukhin – hand-to-hand combat, and Leonid Ushkalov – wushu sandhu. Also, one female pair will demonstrate their graceful power – Vlada Kukharenko and Kateryna Svergunenko.

The first online fight will be conducted between kudo representative Sergey Vishnevsky, nicknamed “Dancer”, and Vladislav “Leader” Grigoriev, who will represent Thai boxing. The spectacular event will take place on August 12.

The interviews with each athlete, the martial arts they represent, their place in the tournament and the videos of the fights are available on the Pit Bull FIGHT website. You can track all developments in the events on the project’s Instagram page.