Pit bull calls to battle: grand opening of the new season at the country’s main rap stage



The 5th season of the unique rap project Pit Bull Battle – the only rap-battle in Ukraine – has now started. The project, which discovers talents and ignites hip-hop stars, has been created by the brand PIT BULL™ from New Products Group.

In honour of the opening of the fifth season of the project, a new SKU of non-alcoholic energy drink PIT BULL™, PIT BULL Battle with the taste of barberry and guarana named after the unrivaled rap event, appeared on the shelves of Ukrainian shops.

In support of the new season of Pit Bull Battle and the release of the eponymous new drink, a TV promo video was created, starring Kyivstoner – one of the most well-known Ukrainian rappers, vlogger and ex-member of the band “Griby”. The advertising campaign, which draws focus to the spirit and grit of the project, and of PIT BULL™ in general, will be featured on channels 1 + 1, TET, Music box, 2 + 2, Paramount UA, PERSHIY, ESPRESO TV, OTV and Xsport from May 31 to August 1.

In addition, on May 20 a unique live rap-battle event took place in the Kyiv club “Atlas”, which kicked off the grand opening of the 5th season of the country’s biggest rap-battling stage. Pit Bull Battle.BPM gathered the real fans of verbal battles. The best MCs from Ukraine and abroad have come face to face to give viewers the opportunity to appreciate the scale of our new season and experience real hip-hop vibes not from monitor screens, but in real life.

Three battles, three styles, three countries – working the crowd were the following pairs of MCs:

Mytee Dee vs 13/47

Da Gudda Jazz (Tanir & TYOMCHA) vs CODEKIEV (GIGA & Marul)

Marty vs Mikhalych (BRDK)

“In the fifth season, Pit Bull Battle has become multi-channel: the format of online battles that has already become popular with our viewers has now been enhanced by live performances, where MCs battle face to face. Later the battles will be uploaded to YouTube”, noted the organizers of the project.

And finally, the most long-awaited event – online registration for participation in the fifth season of Ukraine’s main rap-battle is already open and will last until June 22!

In the fifth season of the online battle Pit Bull Battle, the tracks will be evaluated by the trendsetters of rap culture – ATL, Kyivstoner, 4atty aka Tilla, the editors of The Flow, and others. Pit Bull Battle is a chance to win 50 000 UAH and gain the attention of the hip-hop community. This year there will be no exhausting levels: only 16 MCs, 4 rounds and 4 songs that can lead the contestants to fame.

In order to participate it is necessary to fill out a questionnaire at www.pit-battle.com and upload one of your tracks. On July 28, the 16 strongest MCs will be selected, which the organizers will determine jointly with the experts. Pit Bull Battle will also give $200 to the person whose track will be deemed the best according to the online vote.