Pit Bull Battle VI: one step away from announcing the winner


The VI season of the unique Pit Bull Battle project in the updated LIVE format is entering the home stretch. It’s hard to believe, but in a few days we will all know the name of the new star of the Ukrainian-born yet global rap culture!

The best of the best – the 10 most outstanding performers from different parts of the country – got into the coveted finale. The final verdict and the winner of the season will be announced on September 30.

In the meantime, we remind you that for this season of Pit Bull LIVE, the participants were divided into 5 conditional geographic hip-hop regions – “Centre”, “East”, “West”, “South” and “North”. After the initial auditions, 5 to 10 of the most worthy artists from each region who made it into the longlist got the chance to record professional live videos of their original tracks. At the end of July, the judges rated the semi-finalists from each region. Based on that, they have determined the best five – one top performer from each geographical sector of the country. Due to the numerous requests of participants and viewers, the organizers decided to allow those who ended up in second place into the finals as well.

So, for the title of the winner and the main prize of 50 000 UAH, the 10 most talented performers will compete in the finals of the “live” season of the legendary rap battle, who, according to the judges and the audience, are ready for serious achievements in live performance and music videos right now:

  • “Centre” – BOYKOROY, KOSTOMZ
  • “East” – LIL WAWE, Rudolf Shnaps 
  • “West” – LEVYY MC, SHERSHEN 
  • “South” – XASH, LITTY 

The new format for this season of Pit Bull Battle has a clear and uncompromising motto: “Leave the Internet – it’s time to be LIVE!”. Each of the finalists has had the opportunity to record another exclusive live video for one of their tracks, and the emotions and passion of the participants were genuine and transmitted live.

The final live performances have already been uploaded to the official website of the project: https://www.pit-battle.com/

Experts and professionals will judge the finalists and determine the winner of the season, including 4atty (Griby), rapper GIGA1, the talented SEMPAI (Syrup), one of the most recognizable Ukrainian-speaking MC Tur, “Ukrainian Eminem” Artem Loik, the editor of the influential edition “The Flow” Andrei Nedashkovsky, the stellar representative of Versus and popular Ukrainian rapper Mytee Dee and, of course, the PIT BULL™ team itself.