Partnership saving lives. Summing up the outcome of the Drop-by-Drop project, implemented by DonorUA, pioneer of the donor movement, and Pryrodne Dzherelo, artesian water brand


It’s time to pool the results of the Drop-by-Drop charity initiative launched by DonorUA movement in partnership with Pryrodne Dzherelo artesian water brand. The project was launched in October 2020 to revive the culture of blood donation and its components among Ukrainians.

Thanks to the Drop-by-Drop initiative, one could make contribution just by buying Pryrodne Dzherelo water bottle with a special marking on, since part of the funds from the sale of each bottle was channelled for the development of blood donation in Ukraine. Anyone who wanted to, but for certain reasons or contraindications could not become a donor directly, could nevertheless join this important good deed. Donate blood, or opt for Pryrodne Dzherelo water bottle in your store – both of these deeds will be equally beneficial. Each new blood donation became an investment in someone’s future, for a donor, spending only a few hours of his life, was saving at least three human lives.

Besides, since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion in 2022, New Products Group, in collaboration with the DonorUA team, has been delivering Pryrodne Dzherelo drinking water to Blood Donation Centres and healthcare facilities in different parts of Ukraine.

New Products Group would like to express our gratitude to the DonorUA movement for fruitful collaboration. During its existence, the Drop-by-Drop project has achieved significant results, proved its long-term potential and benefits for both the donor movement and our society as a whole. Together we have improved the situation with blood donation reserves. We had over 10 900 donors involved, with 32 700 patients saved thanks to their blood donations.

It should be noted that earlier in Ukraine there was no stable and strategic project for the development of voluntary and gratuitous blood donations with business support. The significance of the project and the effectiveness of its operation were highly appraised by the jury of the CSR Case Study Competition (CSR Ukraine), the most prestigious Corporate Social Responsibility Award in Ukraine. In particular, the Drop-by-Drop initiative received the award for the best corporate contribution to the Sustainable Development Goal “Ensure Health and Promote Well-Being”.