Participants of the star-studded collaboration PIT BULL™ x Ohueno gave an exclusive interview to


Everyone wants to be special. For young people, this is a basic element of development, formation, self-affirmation. That is why for the collaboration of the leading energy drink brand PIT BULL™ and the urban clothing brand Ohueno, the emphasis on uniqueness, exclusivity, non-conformity has become a worldview. “Ohueno fans are people who love style, outrage, boldness and exclusivity. PIT BULL™ fans are rebels by nature, not ready to listen to other people’s instructions without asking their own reasonable questions. We want to give our consumers another opportunity to “rebel beautifully”, channeling their energy in a creative direction, because the ability to express themselves through style of clothing is a creative outlet that is available to everyone”, says Elena Chuvakina, Brand Director of New Products Group.

From this simple concept, a fashion collection was born, which broke sales records in advance, which came as a complete surprise even to an experienced team of marketers. According to the participants of the collab, they did not even need to use their marketing skills, it was enough to just implement native tools with the audience: “We believe in our product and believe that it is interesting in itself. This is what my many years of marketing experience were telling me, and the story of the Ohueno brand in particular… There is no need to be afraid. This view is fundamental to both brands and their TA. In particular, you should not be afraid to be honest, creatively free and impartial, because people, as social animals, can clearly feel the truthfulness in intentions”, said Artem Budaiev, Founder of the clothing brand Ohueno.

Participants of the PIT BULL™ x Ohueno collaboration told about this semi-fantastic, semi-comic, semi-romantic story to the Marketing Media Review ( in an exclusive interview. Reading about organic, or native marketing from successful pioneers of the movement is extremely useful, because experts believe that that is the future.

By the way, the collab continues to develop, and a new collection consisting of a themed shirt and T-shirt has already gone on sale. The stock, as always, is strictly limited, so please immediately give yourself a gift of Ohueno!