Opinion of a leading expert on consumer responsibility: a new blog by Gennady Kuznetsov on delo.ua


Gennady Kuznetsov, Head of the Board at Food Processors League and a participant in the “Consume Sensibly” initiative, shared his expert opinion with readers of delo.ua, an online business media. The expert’s new blog, published on September 8, addresses the important topic of energy drink manufacturers’ proactivity in informing the public about caffeinated beverage consumption regulations, government policy on segment regulation, and the related problem of unfair competition on the market.

As is known, from time to time there are calls to restrict the energy drink market because of their so-called “dangerous components”. But has this fact been proven by scientists? No. The “danger” usually means the presence of caffeine in the recipe, the daily norm of which has long been clearly regulated and recommended for each age group. An interesting fact: coffee importers are not nearly as subjected to such an onslaught of criticism.

So are such high-profile statements really driven by public health concerns? Or is it just a deliberate take-down, using dubious methods of fighting for a “place under the sun”? In order to avoid and prevent such cases, caffeinated beverage manufacturers not only support the spread of reliable information on the rules and regulations of such products, but also combine and initiate various ways to notify consumers about the number of active ingredients in beverages, share advice from doctors and nutritionists, share international research and practices of developed countries on this issue.

“Producers of energy drinks work fruitfully with legislators because they have more scientific information, research results, including statistics on consumption by country and age group, which they share with government officials. It is important for the market that decisions governing the manufacturing and sale of their products are made reasonably. This principle of responsible cooperation can be adopted by other food industries as well”, Gennady Kuznetsov said.

There are many different producers of energy drinks, and everyone wants to be the consumer favourite. But given the “sensitivity” of this topic in today’s society, they are all unanimous in one thing: regulatory measures by the government must be strictly informed by professional research and scientifically sound conclusions, and should not be based on amateurish opinions, myths, opportunistic political factors, or the speculative actions of competitors.

Read the informative article entitled “Responsibility to consumers: an expository example of the energy drink market” on delo.ua.