One, two, three… Pit Bull Fight ІІІ The new season of the crazy, energized YouTube fighting tournament is about to start!


Oh yes, soon your lockdown will no longer be so dull… Breaking news from a brand which can probably be used to charge your gadgets, and which has charged your insides for 10 years: PIT BULL™.

   Pit Bull Fight.

        Season ІІІ of Pit Bull Fight!

                   The first fight of Season ІІІ of Pit Bull Fight!!

The legendary YouTube fighting show, which makes your pulse race and your blood run cold, starts on April 7. As always, there are no promoters or ratings, just honest fights and raw nerves. This time, about a hundred fighters – professionals, amateurs, ultras – will pass through the octagon’s purgatory to become “even more immortal”. This is an absolute quantitative record in the history of the project!

In the new season, the organizers have traditionally increased the stakes of the show. The collection of fighting styles has been expanded: boxing, muay thai, kickboxing, karate, pankration, MMA, and even the modern Ukrainian martial art horting! A new featured event is a spectacular battle “with bandages”. In addition, we’ll see the beloved classic MMA and the successfully tested last season 3×3 Puncher Club format of team fights, only this time international: rebels from Belarus, the MMA team “Akademia”, will face the still unbeaten team from Kyiv.

The guests of the show are also interesting: Vitaly Gurkov, a member of the band Brutto and a multiple world champion in Muay Thai, will be an interviewer and one of the commentators. Also we’ll see Dmitry Lazutkin, a well-known sports commentator and TV presenter. Plus, a surprise for those who can’t forget the most memorable moments of previous seasons: our “stars of the bloody sky” – Artem Veklich, Nidzhat Valiev, Valera Vygonsky, Anatoly Shponarsky, and others – will also take part in Pit Bull Fight III.

Pit Bull Fight is getting tougher and more mature. Real life, real battle for a place in the sun, heavy knockouts and the ferocious joy of triumphs! The Pit Bull Fight ring is a place for the manifestation of animal instincts in an unthinkable mixture with human dignity. Now things have become even more serious. Pit Bull Fight III is a territory without compromise and without sugarcoating.

In order not to fall out of the whirlwind of events and receive notifications of new battles in time, subscribe to the official YouTube channel of Pit Bull Fight: The “bloody dessert” is scheduled to arrive twice a week, so the rhythm is intense – don’t relax! And don’t forget to share your impressions on the Pit Bull Fight Instagram page:

The first fight starts this Wednesday, April 7th. Maksim Zagursky, a 19-year-old Thai fighter from the “fine city of Ternopil”, a prize-winner of the Ukrainian Championship in kudo and a prize-winner of the Ukrainian Cup in free fight, will will enter the ring to fight the Champion of Ukraine in kickboxing Gleb Yegorov, a fearless 22-year-old Pavlograd native.

Do you want to see young blood boil? Tune in on April 7th. Until then, watch the teaser for the new season! It rocks!