NON STOP, REVO and PIT BULL already signed up to Threads, new social media platform


NON STOP, REVO and PIT BULL brands have already signed up to Threads, new multi-million social media platform. Microblogging app Threads is the brainchild of Meta Platforms, the owner of Instagram and Facebook. The new social media platform is already called Twitter-rivalling, for Threads app has a similar interface and the same principle of operation.

NON STOP, REVO and PIT BULL will be posting memes, holding numerous giveaway contests and other activities in Threads to attract the young audience of our brands. Subscribe to stay up to date!

During the the very first day of its existence, more than 30 million users from 100 countries signed up to Threads, with Netflix, HBO, and Star Wars joining too. Ukrainian brands, which have joined Threads, include Ukrzaliznytsia, Diia and Monobank.

Meta launched Threads against the background of innovations introduced on Twitter, which have already caused discontent among users and advertisers. Since July 1, the owner of the social media platform Elon Musk decided to limit the number of tweets per day that can be read from different accounts. This is partly due to data collection by companies that create artificial intelligence models.

To sign up to Threads, you can use your Instagram account and synchronize your subscriptions and name with it. The new social media platform offers to create larger posts with up to 500 characters instead of the 280 that are available to most Twitter users. Besides, Threads allows to post videos up to 5 min long, and share your stories from Instagram. The app is available on iOS and Android.