We have already told you about the NON STOP Military series of limited edition energy drinks. But did you know that as a special thank you, along with the drinks, we developed and launched the Non Stop Ninja game? There was so much positive feedback about it that we thought: “Why not share this fun with others?”.

Where did Non Stop Ninja come from? At the end of last year, we created and sent 1 million special cans to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A familiar taste, but a special design, limited access and the inability to resell – this is what created a unique offer for the military. The energy drinks were provided absolutely free of charge to help the defenders stay focused and attentive. This can sometimes be incredibly necessary! An additional energy boost can save not only the life of one soldier, but also many others whom he protects or shields. As an additional thank you, we have provided this game, which is available via the QR code on the cans. The goal of Non Stop Ninja is to strengthen the fighting spirit and relax our brave fighters a bit. This relaxation was developed by a star duo – our company’s creative director Oleksandr Strizhelchyk and the founder and head of TS/D design studio Dmytro Tsapko.

Since all these efforts were super positively evaluated, we decided to share this interesting game with everyone! Sometimes, even ordinary civilians need a little reflection and a mind switch by destroying enemy archetypes like balalaikas, matryoshka dolls or outdoor toilets.

And to make the gaming more exciting, last week we launched a fun contest on our social media platforms. On the official NON STOP page, we asked users to screen their highest score and share this record in the comments. And that’s it! The person with the biggest result won a NON STOP hoodie and a box of NON STOP Energy drinks.