NON STOP Military energizes our defenders: National Guard soldiers sent gratitude to the New Products Group


Since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion, New Products Group has been supporting the Ukrainian military. We have created a limited-edition NON STOP Military energy drink and supply its batches to the frontline on an ongoing basis. This energy drink boosts physical endurance, mental concentration, reduces fatigue and enhances emotional well-being. These properties are necessary for every person, and even more so for our fighters who defend Ukraine day and night.

As of today, we have already delivered 1 381 288 NON STOP Military cans to the frontline, and 14 681 NON STOP GREEN ENERGY cans.

We provide drinks free of charge to all military units that apply to New Products Ukraine LLC. Recently, we sent 1 200 NON STOP Military cans to the Military Unit 3021 of the National Guard of Ukraine, registered in the city of Dnipro.

In response, the soldiers of the Military Unit 3021 provided positive feedback about our drink and sent the Letter of Commendation to our company. “The team of officers, sergeants and soldiers of our military unit expresses its sincere gratitude to you for your aid! Gratuitous work that you do for the benefit of the National Guard of Ukraine contributes to the protection of the territorial integrity and inviolability of our Motherland”, the letter says.

As you know, NON STOP Military Edition is a limited version of the energy drink that New Products Group has created specially for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Its 0,5 l can has “Not for Sale” inscription and no barcode. This renders impossible any commercial manipulation of the product.

The fundamental difference between NON STOP and other energy drinks is in its unique improved formula. The drink boasts increased content of caffeine and taurine in combination with a powerful vitamin complex.