NON STOP ™ has become a partner of Media Hack Weekend


Ukraine’s largest hackathon from 1+1 Media Media Hack Weekend took place in Kiev this weekend. Spillikin team won a victory with a virtual puppet theater project, which allows parents and children to play and interact from different devices even being far apart. 

The winners were announced after 48 hours of hard working at the Dovzhenko Film Studio in Kyiv. More than 400 inventors, designers, programmers, communications specialists worked in teams to develop and present innovative projects that can change the media market and related areas.

Media Hack Weekend participants were divided into 32 teams to work on projects. After consultations with mentors and pre-selection, 15 teams were chosen for the final stage.  They presented their ideas on the scene, and at 9 PM 3 winners of the largest Ukrainian hackathon were already announced.

Drive and continuous intellectual work at locations were provided by energy partner of the hackathon – NON STOP, and high speed Internet the hackathon could not happen without – by Intertelecom Company.

Spillikin team, whose members had met and joined at the very Media Hack Weekend, got the first place and the main prizes from a partner – 7 modern Smart TVs.

 A virtual puppet theater,which allows parents and children to play and interact from different devices, has become the winning idea. Oleksii Novikov, the author of the idea, commented on the team victory: ‘I saw the hackathon advertisement and decided to take the risk. I came alone, presented the project idea on the scene, and gathered a team of people with whom we have worked on its implementation for over 48 hours at the hackathon. It was an extraordinary experience, and we are not going to stop, the project will be modified and tested on the target audience. ‘

Media Import team with the project of quick data import from Flash devices and FrameStock by VideoGorillas team with the idea of video stock where the user can find videos automatically by the content took the second and third place respectively.

Pavlo Pedenko, Head of 1 + 1 Media Web-Development Department and Project Manager at Future Media Lab: Media Hack Weekend surpassed our boldest expectations. We managed to gather in one place the most talented professionals from different innovation areas which impressed both organizers and mentors with their bold ideas and diligence. During 48 hours of the hackathon the participants managed to form a team, develop project prototypes and present them to the judges. We are pleased at the results obtained, and next year we plan to organize the largest hackaton in Eastern Europe.‘