NON STOP Energy Drink Presented at One of the World’s Biggest Food Fairs


On 7 – 9 September Mumbai, the largest city in India, hosted the 16th ANUFOOD India Mumbai, where New Products Group presented NON STOP Original and NON STOP Jungle energy drinks. The Company’s stand was located in Hall 4 (Stand F22).

The informal name of the event is Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India and it perfectly reflects its essence as Annapoorna means ‘Goddess of Food’ in Sanskrit. Since its opening in 2005, ANUFOOD India has become an important food and beverage expo, showcasing the latest trends and innovations in the industry.

This year, over 300 exhibitors from three dozen countries showcased their products at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, ranging from agricultural products to beverages. The event was also attended by more than 19 000 industry professionals including representatives of retail chains and wholesalers, restaurateurs, and delegates from trade associations and institutions.

ANUFOOD India Mumbai is considered to be an ideal springboard for exporters looking to consolidate their position in the rapidly developing Indian market. We were therefore delighted to be able to present the NON STOP brand to a wide range of professionals. We were able to conduct tastings of NON STOP Original and NON STOP Jungle and received a lot of positive feedback from potential partners about the taste and functionality of our energy drinks. During the event, we already signed contracts with 15 new distributors willing to work with us in the western regions of India.

India is the world’s most populous country (1.5 billion people), so exporting to this country is very promising. As the country has developed tourism and entertainment, as well as large industrial enterprises, energy drinks are in great demand. Our NON STOP is already actively sold in the country’s largest states such as Haryana, Gujarat, and Punjab, as well as in the city of Mumbai. New Products Group plans to expand the distribution of energy drinks to other regions.

NON STOP is an energy drink for those who do not have enough energy 24 hours a day, who are busy working or studying during the day and want to attend interesting events in the evening. Thanks to its high caffeine and taurine content combined with a vitamin complex, NON STOP quickly gives a noticeable boost of strength and energy, increases physical endurance and mental activity, reduces fatigue, and improves emotional well-being.