NON STOP Energy Cup: first rackets never stop!


Continuing to move towards the goal, despite small failures on the way, is the most important trait for achieving success. Perseverance is what makes the character of a true winner stand out. On October 26-28, with the support of rebranded NON STOP™, the men’s double tennis tournament NON STOP Energy Cup took place, where amateur athletes challenged each other and competed for a prize pool of $2500.

The organizer of the event was the Ukrainian Tennis Club, and the suburban complex Olympic Village was chosen as the venue. The purpose of the event is promoting healthy lifestyle and the development of amateur tennis in Ukraine, increasing the level of sportsmanship, and also strengthening friendly and business ties between amateur tennis players.

The amateur tennis tournament for adults harmoniously correlates with the NON STOP brand philosophy: to be energetic, efficient and effective at any time of day when you have time and inspiration for an active hobby. High levels of caffeine and taurine in combination with a powerful vitamin complex help mobilize your energy and provide a surge of strength at crucial moments.

New Products Group provided the crystal clear mineral water Pryrodne Dzherelo™, extracted from an artesian spring in the ecologically clean Zhashkiv region.

Guests and participants were also treated to Green Energy™, a healthy energy drink with cannabis seed extract, which invigorates and inspires. The natural apple cider APPS™ has become an activator of good mood, a source of pleasant relaxation and a mediator of relaxed friendly conversation after the tournament.

“Congratulations to Dmitry Lokshin and Andrey Petrochenko on a well-deserved victory! Maintaining proper fitness and morale is very important in the modern realities of daily stationary office life. That is why we consider it strategically important to support amateur sports events. It is remarkable that each person, even without the ambitions of a professional athlete, can realize themselves in their favourite sport and be able to distract themselves from thoughts about their job for increased productivity. The energy drink NON STOP™ has a very appropriate name in this context, especially for a tennis tournament: never stop at what you have achieved, move forward, reach for new heights!”, emphasized the importance of the event PR Director of New Products Group Elena Selutina.