NON STOP Brand Became a Partner of the Biggest Ukrainian Hackathon, the Media Hack Weekend 2016


The biggest Ukrainian hackathon, called Media Hack Weekend 2016 took place in Kyiv at the Dovzhenko Film Studios in the period from 7 to 9 October. During these two days participants of the forum had an opportunity to present their ideas, find the team of the like-minded people and unveil their start-ups. Brand of the energy drinks NON STOP™ supported the event and became the partner of hackathon.

«Such kinds of forums attract more and more attention, as they are the ideal starting position for the innovative decisions and new talents. A lot of active and committed young people require support in Ukraine nowadays. Hackathons help them to accumulate creative energies; give the opportunity to engage in self-realization, to develop themselves and the country. Being the partner of Media Hack Weekend 2016, NON STOP brand strives to support both the initiative of such forums and their participants», – says Elena Selyutyna, the PR Director of the New Products Group.

Participants of hackathon are mostly app developers, video content and IT specialists, designers, marketing experts, PR specialists and ad makers, product and project managers. A special team of advisers supported participants and evaluated their ideas. Among the advisers there were specialists from the affluent engineering and media companies. Meanwhile NON STOP™energy drinks helped talented guys to maintain efficiency, creativity and energy during the whole marathon.

The photo zone made from 2000 NON STOP™ cans was also open during the hackathon. Robots and cannons firing with cans were there to entertain the participants.

NON STOP™ is an energy drink for active people. It appeared at the Ukrainian market in 2005 and totally changed the whole perception of energy drinks. NON STOP™ differs from other energy drinks due to the content of natural exciters, namely caffeine and taurine. Along with vitamins С, В5, В6, В9 and РР these stimulants ensure quick spur and boost mental and physical activity. NON STOP™ is vital while studying, working or having fun, as well as driving for a long time. It is also good to refresh oneself after exercises or mental stress.

Along with NON STOP Original, the product line produces the light version of the beverage, NON STOP Day Green Apple for those who needs some day recharge and NON STOP Night Raspberry and Acai enhanced with schizandra essence.