NON STOP™ and EatMe™ supported an important trade marketing event – Trade Marketing HUB XIV Forum


In a world of fierce competition, generating fresh business ideas is the key to an undeniable leadership, which is why it is necessary to keep your mind constantly in tune. On November 29, Trade Marketing HUB XIV: “The Best TM & Retail Insights” took place, the energy of which was conscientiously kept up by the always cheerful partners EatMe and NON STOP. The guests and participants of the event, barely feeling fatigue, were able to enjoy the highest quality flavors of Ukrainian products and feel an instant influx of energy.

For the fifth consecutive year, Trade Marketing HUB has been the venue for meetings of leading trade marketing and category management professionals. The forum brings to the attention of FMCG representatives and retail companies the most up-to-date cases and insights from leading industry experts. This year, visitors listened to 10 reports on emerging technologies and market trends.

In between speakers, NON STOP bravely puffed and twisted gears to charge everyone with a fresh batch of fiery enthusiasm. It’s not that hard, since the brand has invented its own perpetual engine. The ingredients for the new drink turned out to be as simple as anything ingenious: caffeine, taurine and a complex of vitamins (C, B5, B6, B9, PP). You just rip a ring off the can, and you have pure and safe natural energy flowing through you in balanced and effective proportions.

Hunger is not the best companion to attention, but a hearty lunch would also bring your productive mood to naught… The balanced solution is: a serving of healthy nuts, nutritious cereals, dried fruits and other exceptionally natural ingredients, concentrated in a delicious laconic bar recommended by the Association of Nutritionists of Ukraine. EatMe is a snack that’s just enough to regain strength and enjoy a tasty treat, without the hassle of a long meal.