Non-alcoholic energy drink PIT BULL™ expands its line with a new trendy flavour – PIT BULL Battle


The PIT BULL™ brand, which occupies one of the leading positions in the catalogue of New Products Group, has expanded its main line with a new SKU – PIT BULL Battle. The release of the new flavour is dedicated to the fifth season of the eponymous “Pit Bull Battle” project, the only rap-battle in Ukraine.

In support of the project, on its package PIT BULL™ has placed the Manifesto, which conveys the spirit and “realness” of all participants of the rap-battle: “It does not matter who you are – a no-name or a star, the judge or the participant. In the battle rounds a connection takes place that allows to create new phenomena in Ukrainian rap culture. Take the challenge, power up and become the best!”

“PIT BULL is not just an energy drink. It is a fuel for self-expression, which helps to escape from everyday life, overcome the dullness and the routine. Our target audience are creative-minded young people who do not recognize any authority, for whom it is important to freely express their opinions. They are unbridled nonconformists who are always ready to remain faithful to their principles and ideals, – emphasizes Gennady Dovhan, marketing director of the company. – We are confident that the new PIT BULL Battle will attract their attention with its original flavour, a powerful vitamin explosion, stylish packaging, and an affordable price”.

Energy drinks around the world are very popular, and the demand for them increases year by year. And if one Ukrainian, according to analysts, accounts for the consumption of less than 1 liter of energy drinks per year, the average European drinks up to 5-6 liters of these drinks per year. That means that the Ukrainian market still has room to grow and develop. According to New Products Group’s data, over the past 3 years, the sales of energy drinks in Ukraine have increased by more than one and a half times – from 3.1 to 5.36 million decaliters. Of these, the brand PIT BULL accounts 24% in kind. In 2017, 13 million liters of this drink have been sold in Ukraine.

The new barberry and guarana-flavoured PIT BULL Battle is a non-alcoholic highly carbonated energy drink containing vitamins B5, B6, B9, C and natural juice. It provides a rapid influx of strength and energy due to the increased content of caffeine and taurine, which contributes to the improvement of energy processes, accumulates in muscle tissues and improves metabolic processes in them. Available in a convenient 1 liter PET bottle.

At retail outlets, PIT BULL Battle will appear in early May, 2018. The price for 1 liter is around 16 UAH.