Noble brand king’s bridge expands with a new sku – the classic king’s bridge flavour brandy & cola


The brand of low-alcohol beverages that has the status of nobility, KING’S BRIDGE™ from New Products Group, extends its line with the new SKU – KING’S BRIDGE BRANDY & COLA.

KING’S BRIDGE BRANDY & COLA is a traditional cocktail made from noble brandy and cola. The new flavour should fit quite well into the royal family of KING’S BRIDGE™ drinks and take its rightful place beside the classic KING’S BRIDGE GIN & TONIC and the original KING’S BRIDGE GIN & GRAPEFRUIT, in which the liquor “King’s Bridge Gin” is mixed with natural grapefruit juice.

“All research indicates that KING’S BRIDGE BRANDY & COLA is a drink that Ukrainian consumers have been waiting for. The time-tested classic in the interpretation of our developers is distinguished by its rich taste and exquisite aroma. We are confident that KING’S BRIDGE BRANDY & COLA will not only lead the brand to new economic successes, but will also ensure the loyalty of our potential consumers”, – notes Gennadiy Dovgan, Marketing Director of New Products Group, making an important distinction.

New Products Group is the undisputed leader on the Ukrainian market of low-alcohol beverages in both natural and monetary terms. According to the analytical report of the State Statistics Committee, in 2017 more than 67% of the SAN market in natural terms belonged to the products made by New Products Group. The brand KING’S BRIDGE™ was added to the company’s portfolio in 2006, and according to the 2017 sales, KING’S BRIDGE™ drinks accounted for 6% of the total volume of the Ukrainian SAN market in physical terms – that is, 3 million liters.

The first batch of the low-alcohol carbonated drink KING’S BRIDGE BRANDY & COLA with 7% ABV has already been poured into stylish aluminum 0.45 liter cans.

At the same time, the two other beverages from the KING’S BRIDGE™ line are also transitioning to the same format (0.45 l). This change, first of all, is informed by the global trend towards a decrease in alcohol consumption: according to analytical data, consumers nowadays deliberately choose beverages that have a somewhat lower alcohol content and slightly smaller packaging. And secondly, it fits with the trend of preserving the environment, as it reduces the amount of aluminum from which the container is made and, consequently, the amount of waste.

The new drink will become available in the first days of summer.