No PIT BULL™, no gain! The first summer fight of the third season of Pit Bull Fight


Ban on kicking a grounded opponent? Not in the Octagon of Pit Bull Fight! Here, it’s dog eats dog — no matter your position or location. If you’re in the cage, you either attack or defend… Wednesday, June 2nd marks the first hot summer issue of Pit Bull Fight III! An encounter that proves that your mindset is key, especially when supported by physical preparation.

Meet Anatoly Tarasenko, aka Tolya Knockout. And it doesn’t just sound menacing: most of his fights really ended in an early knockout. His strong point is the punching technique, which slowly turns into a fight. Anatoly is a master of sports, champion of Ukraine and multiple Kyiv combat sambo championship winner, and a winner of international MMA tournaments. Tolya Knockout did not come here today to play around. He is collected, dangerous, plows through like a tank. In the opposite corner is Andriy Savchuk, a candidate for master of sports and a champion of Ukraine in kickboxing, MMA tournaments’ winner. Strong-willed guy, strong puncher. The athletes have already met twice before, outside of the Pit Bull Fight tournament.

The battle begins at a distance. When Tolya attacks, you can clearly see that the power of his blows is significantly stronger. In only a minute Savchuk finds himself on his back. He shudders and sighs with uncertainty, afraid to get up so as not to get punched down. Tarasenko circles around, occasionally attacking with heavy blows, but does not get into a fight. He clearly wants the opponent to stand up and give him the opportunity to land a devastating series of blows. The situation looks like a stalemate.

Finally, at the end of the round, Savchuk jumps up, psychologically exhausted and demoralized. He doesn’t even hit anymore, he just stomps around. Tarasenko bombards him with heavy artillery and in the last few seconds presses the opponent to the net until he bends down. It’s not a fight anymore, it’s a beating. Tolya once again justifies his nickname: the result is a technical knockout!

Plans for the weekend? Some guys definitely won’t get to relax. On June 6, the stubborn Vladyslav Savchenko will point his kickboxing horns, and guess at who – at the Professor himself! The clever karate fighter Denys Maksymov is more accustomed to attacking with intelligence and out-of-the-box thinking. So will Savchenko let his mother down? Or will Maxymov defend his bloody dissertation? Who is destined to raise the festive glass of PIT BULL™?

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