New Products Group took part in Trade Marketing HUB online forum


2020 was marked by a number of unprecedented challenges. But are they really that unique? This, and much more was discussed at the Trade Marketing HUB HD Live forum: “New Challenges and Opportunities in Trade Marketing”, which took place online this year.

On May 29, top managers of four large Ukrainian companies shared their views and practices with the audience, which helped them to continue growing their business and stay in the top-ranking positions despite the difficult conditions of the first half of 2020. In particular, the Head of Trade Marketing Department of New Products Group Nazar Novoselsky spoke about the importance of conveying the brand’s emotions to the Sales Department, and exactly how the team of one of the most progressive drinks and snacks producers in Ukraine makes this happen.

For the last three years, the Trade Department of New Products Group has been working diligently to ensure that each sales representative not only knows the strengths of the company’s brands, but also feels the dominant emotion that the brand seeks to convey directly to the consumer. It’s the only way for them to be able to explain the advantages of the products to the management of outlets and make the sales associates understand and convey them. Based on three years of experience, the most effective ways to familiarize a team with the nature of the brand are various types of video presentations, which became especially relevant in 2020, due to the increase in remote work. The “Fight Club” movie, the mascot-boar character and weekly live broadcasts became a sensation among the company employees, which motivated and rallied the team during a difficult period for everyone.

Trade Marketing HUB is the largest annual event for trade marketing professionals, and was held for the fifteenth time. The event is a platform for the exchange of professional experience and sharing relevant information about the trends of the FMCG market. This year, Trade Marketing HUB was held in the new format of a two-hour online studio show held at Unit.City, ensuring the best picture and sound quality. The general theme of the virtual event was the new challenges and opportunities of the Ukrainian retail market during the pandemic, as well as innovative methods and approaches for acquiring and retaining customers during this period. Among the five speakers of the three sections of the forum – Fresh Analytics, Trade Marketing & Digital and E-commerce in FMCG, there were representatives of Nielsen Ukraine, Markquen Group, and New Products Group.