New Products Group supports the youth leadership movement AIESEC


New Products Group has been supporting one of the largest international youth organizations – AIESEC – for several years now in Ukraine. The organization, founded 70 years ago by students from 7 countries, and which now unites young people from 126 countries and territories, helps young adults reveal their leadership potential, develop leadership skills through volunteer and professional internships, trainings and workshops. Today, AIESEC is more than 50,000 internships per year, 1,000,000 graduates worldwide, and many leading companies that support young people in their quest to change the world.

The slogan “Transform yourself, the country, the world” resonates with our company. New Products Group shares the values of AIESEC and also actively works to advance youth development – both working towards the creation of new high-quality products, and by conducting many initiatives: creative workshops, STEM-education, etc.

Since the beginning of spring, two large-scale AIESEC events have already been held in Ukraine. The national educational conference SprinCo 2018 was held in Bucha (Kyiv region). Within three days more than 150 participants from different parts of Ukraine had the opportunity to visit more than 20 training sessions that took place simultaneously in different locations. Hosting the conference was the AIESEC Vice-President in Italy, while the trainings and seminars were conducted by AIESEC representatives from Germany, Turkey and Ukraine.

In mid-April the youth conference YouthSpeak Forum gathered more than 300 representatives from public organizations and the state, the business sector and active youth. YouthSpeak is a global project that helps identify trends in the lives of young adults and contemporary problems of employment, self-realization and development of society. The forum participants together try to find solutions for these problems and subsequently implement them. This year, with the support of the organizers of the forum, the world-famous initiative World’s Largest Lesson was also held, the goal of which is to introduce as many people as possible to Sustainable Development Goals (developed by the UN). Much has been said about the important (leadership!) role of youth in the life of a country and the world and how to best ensure it. Within the framework of the forum, 100 volunteers from all over Ukraine conducted lessons about modern values.

In the breaks between hard work, workshops, discussions and listening to inspirational speeches, AIESEC participants had the chance to replenish their energy with delicious and nutritious bars EatMe™ by New Products Group.