New Products Group supports a year-long art studio program for young artists


Opening of a personal exhibition of Anatoliy Belov

On 24 March the creative space at PortCreative Hub hosted the opening of an exhibition of the first participant of the Port Art Studio 2016 young artist Studio program — Anatoliy Belov. An artist, a film director and a musician, the frontman of the Lyudska Podoba queer group, a Pinchuk Art Prize nominee presented works which had been created within the framework of the Port Art Studio creative workshop supported by New Products Group. The works presented is a follow up on the theme of testing the boundaries of freedom and corporeality, regularly dealt with by the artist.

The exhibition is linked to Anatoliy Belov’s musical practices. His creative background is not limited by the framework of the art institutions. The career of a musician enables to evade the conventionalities of the arts market. While the musical culture theme is transformed from texts and visuals into video.

”Ukrainian artists, who work within the frame of experimental art, are often in search of support for their practices from culture managers and need space for creative work. Our company has decided to encourage the implementation of a project which may come to be the first impetus in putting in place a permanent residence. We are aware that it is the longing of youth to all-sided cultural development, acquiring new expertise and skills which is key to a successful future for our country, as a whole, and a certain business in particular,” comments Viktor Gordeev, New Products Group co-founder.

‘The Feast of Life’ – the film Anatoliy is working on together with Oksana Kazmina, will be on display throughout the exhibition, daily at 17:00 (except weekends). This video is a fantastic story building up around a real situation. The optical, color and lighting experimenting reveals the visual and audio effect of a misshapen reality.

The Port Art Studio young artist Studio project has been initiated by the Platform for Contemporary Art team and supported by New Products Group. The Art Studio will be active in Port Creative Hub, in Podol, throughout 2016. Hosting eight exhibition projects is planned throughout the period.

Address: 10-А Naberchno-Kreschatitskaya Str.,

Exhibition opening hours: 24 March – 5 April, 12:00 – 19:00.