New Products Group supported two big events of the youth organization AIESEC


For several years, New Products Group has been supporting the largest international organization created by young people for young people – AIESEC (the abbreviation of the original name of the organization is in French – Association internationale des étudiants en sciences économiques et commerciales, the International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences).

AIESEC was founded in 1948 by students from Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. Today, the organization brings together over 44 thousand young people from 127 countries, and is one of the most effective international platforms for developing leadership and professional qualities in young people through their active participation in volunteer and professional internships, trainings and workshops around the world. AIESEC organizes over 50 000 internships annually; about 1 million young people have graduated from the educational programs of the organization, including Ukrainians.

In this country, the AIESEC movement already has hundreds of active and goal-oriented youth representatives. The extent to which young Ukrainians are interested in self-development and are willing to become leaders in order to change not only themselves but also the country and the world, are proven by the large-scale events organized by AIESEC in Ukraine. The traditional annual youth conference YouthSpeak Forum, whose goal is to create conditions for youth development through the efforts of businesses, the government and the civil society, this year gathered over 400 participants from almost all regions of the country. One of the partners of this forum, which was held in Kyiv on April 21, was New Products Group, which provided the participants with a nutritious and tasty snack – EatMeTM.

In June, New Products Group supported another AIESEC event – the 25th anniversary of the organization’s activities in Ukraine, to which 150 honorary graduates of AIESEC and heads of regional movement centres were invited.

“What AIESEC is doing, its purpose and what sense it sees in its activities is very close to our company. Most of our projects, including social and philanthropic, are also aimed at the comprehensive development of young people, the support of their initiatives, assistance in obtaining education. We strive to help talented young Ukrainians (musicians, artists, sculptors), we created a scholarship for the prestigious Kyiv School of Economics, we support young athletes. And for several years now we have been helping AIESEC. Its motto – “We strive to achieve peace on the planet and maximize the potential of humanity” – echoes the goals and values ​​of New Products Group. We are glad to have the opportunity to join the projects of the youth movement, and we are confident that by joining our efforts we will really help young leaders make our world perfect, comfortable and environmentally friendly in every way”, says PR Director of New Products Group Elena Selutina, commenting on the collaboration with AIESEC organization.