New products group supported scotch fest – international advertising festival for students and young professionals


Advertising is a young art, and the best advertisement is often created by young creative people who have not yet succumbed to the limits of routine and the strict rules of the “adult” worldview. Each such talent needs attention, professional assessment, and the chance to insert themselves into the international context.

All this is offered to young and ambitious creators by Scotch Fest – a super-cool advertising festival, which was just held for the fourth time in Kyiv. Scotch Fest is an international advertising festival for students and young professionals in the fields of advertising, PR, marketing, design, journalism, and other industries. Students and young professionals presented their work in four main categories: video advertising, print, web design, and corporate identity. Moreover, in each category the work was assessed by leading industry specialists from two subdivisions of advertising – social and commercial. Within the framework of the festival there were also master classes from those who have already succeeded in the profession and have experience of managing successful startups. The awards ceremony of Scotch Fest Festival was held on May 23.

“We were happy to support the Scotch Fest Festival. Indeed, very soon its participants – current students and young specialists – will become our fully realized colleagues and start making significant contributions to the development of the Ukrainian market of advertising communications. Scotch Fest has once again proven to us that these young people have many interesting ideas, innovative approaches, and a cool modern uninhibited way of thinking”, – commented Elena Selutina, PR Director of New Products Group.

New Products Group supported the energy and creativity of the Scotch Fest participants with an updated NON STOP™ energy drink and EatMe™ nutritional bars.