New Products Group supported All-Ukrainian Youth Forum ILead in Kyiv



On October 30-31, master classes and lectures from the country experts in the leadership area were organized for more than 100 forum participants. The attendees learned how to realize their leadership potential, how to encourage other people and lead the way, how to organize effective presentations, find prospective business partners and many other things. New Products Group became the official partner of the event.

For the five consecutive years the annual All-Ukrainian Youth Forum ILead has been gathering on its platform the best Ukrainian and foreign experts in psychology and business areas who shared with the public their practical skills in development and successful realization of their leadership qualities. Among forum participants were students and emergent entrepreneurs aged 18-28; 30% of the attendees came to Kyiv from other regions of Ukraine to adopt the best practices of prominent specialists.

The guests of the event were treated to tasty and useful snacks from New Products Group – nourishing EatMe bars and artesian water “Pryrodne Dzherelo”. “We support educational initiatives aimed at the youth’s development who strives to personal growth and creating positive changes in its surroundings. Forum ILead is the basement for prospective business projects, it promotes the formation of the leadership culture in the Ukrainian society,” Victoria Papazova, Marketing Director of New Products Group, says.