New Products Group sponsored the project “Group Sense” – a discussion club where creative people will look for answers to controversial questions


The pursuit of continuous development is one of the main distinguishing features of New Products Group. With its products and social initiatives, the company proves that it was and remains the engine of progress. Creating innovations, looking for new ways of development and being a pioneer of revolutionary changes in production and business, as well as the public life of the country, are integral parts of the work of New Products Group. At the same time, the implementation of numerous cultural and educational initiatives is given no less attention than the development of the company.

The new social project of New Products Group is a discussion group “Group Sense”, created by the company in cooperation with the National Art Museum of Ukraine (NAMU) and the online magazine within the framework of the recently launched collaboration with NAMU. The goal of the club is to gather people with progressive views, the representatives of different spheres in one landmark place – the museum, in order to find answers to controversial, but very important questions. Bold creative developments have been chosen as the main subject of discussion, since it is art and creativity that most often encounter criticism and are accompanied by heated discussion in public spaces. The “Group Sense” project is based precisely on achieving mutual understanding between society, the creative environment, and an important subject of the creative ecosystem – the advertising industry. To promote its products, New Products Group often selects non-standard progressive ideas, therefore, the company’s creative cases are good examples for discussion within the framework of the discussion club.

The organizers of the club “Group Sense” devoted the first meeting of experts to the extremely relevant topic – “The Power of Talkers”. The panelists tried to figure out how to live in a world where, thanks to technology, everyone can be loud about what they want and therefore gain power; where only the loudest get heard.

During the meeting, the experts examined several illustrative cases from the history of art, which clearly demonstrate the disastrous crowd influence on the results of creativity when its comments and wishes get granted; crazy fame, which can be achieved through provocation and eccentricity, as well as the possibility of gaining popularity thanks to the gains of the professional community. An example of a modern creative product that stands out and attracts attention, but at the same time has a great risk of becoming the object of criticism of radically-minded people, are bright, contrasting, but at the same time contradictory images embodied in the WHY NOT™ commercials.

The opinions and conclusions of the participants of the first meeting of the club can already be found at, and those who are willing to share their own thoughts about the topic are invited to the Facebook page of the online magazine

“As a company that not only creates innovative products, but also selects non-standard solutions to promote its brands, New Products Group is interested in expert discussion of the phenomena that are observed today in society and have a significant impact on the formation of new meanings, including art and creativity. On the other hand, we are confident that such professional discussions on the most pressing topics are more relevant than ever, because they will help in a storm of information and emotions to sift out destructive messages and focus on creating progressive meanings. In addition, the “Group Sense’ project also popularizes the modern museum as a meeting place and a platform for creating new ideas. We are glad to have the opportunity to cooperate with NAMU and such a progressive publication as the online magazine”, – noted Elena Selutina, PR Director of the New Products Group, commenting on the creation of the discussion club.

New Products Group on an ongoing basis acts as a partner of various art projects, because a worthy future awaits only the state, which comprehensively contributes to the development of the material and spiritual values ​​of its people and respects its history. The support of the National Art Museum of Ukraine is a logical continuation of the company’s cultural and educational activities. Within the framework of the cooperation with NAMU, the company received the status of “Lion Museum”, which ensures the implementation of a number of joint projects and initiatives, in particular, the organization of special artistic and intellectual corporate events, holding cultural lectures and trainings for the employees of New Products Group, and the opportunity to attend exhibitions for free.