New Products Group presents a new taste of SHAKE cocktail — Long Island


New Products Group continues to expand its popular line of low-alcoholic drinks, SHAKE, adding a new cocktail to the brand portfolio, the Long Island.

“In making of this taste—which by the way is ninth in SHAKE portfolio—we were inspired by the famous American cocktail, Long Island Ice Tea. It is considered one of the most successful mixes of strong alcoholic beverages”, Victoria Papazova, the marketing director of New Products Group, comments on the launch of new drink.

Just like in the original American cocktail, the flavors of tequila, rum and gin in SHAKE Long Island are combined with a refreshing orange hint. At the same time, SHAKE Long Island is not as strong as the drink from Long Island: 9% instead of 28%. So now not only the fans of the aged drinks’ rich taste can enjoy the trendy cocktail, but also those who prefer interesting, but lighter drinks.

The sales of SHAKE Long Island began in late May.