New Products Group presents a new EatMe bar — in an edible wafer paper unique for Ukraine


New Products Groups is expanding its product line of the popular EatMe fruit-and-nut healthy snack bars — with a new ‘Dried apricot, date fruit, apple and raisins’ bar in an edible wafer paper arriving in its brand assortment. The product will be ‘introduced’ to consumers by the trendy and stylish Monkey.

The novelty’s exclusive feature is the use of edible wafer paper and no sugar.

“This is a unique solution in the Ukrainian market — we are the first to launch such product in the country. The edible wafer paper is produced exclusively in Europe and is used in premium European products”, says Victoria Papazova, New Products Group marketing director. “As the idea is absolutely new for the Ukrainian consumer, we’ decided to place a special ‘A fruit bar in an edible wafer’ caption on the packaging seal.” You don’t need to strip it off when opening the snack packaging. The wafer is just 0.2 mm thin. And what’s important, unlike glazing, for instance, it will not melt in hot weather.”

Ingredients of the «Monkey» EatMe bar are natural dried fruit: dried apricot, date fruit, raisins and apples. At the same time the fruit-and-nut snack does not have any sugar or any artificial additives. Like all EatMe bars, this is an exclusively natural product, which is good even for children from 3 years old.

Sales of the new EatMe bar began in the second half of May.