NEW PRODUCTS GROUP introduces two new SHAKE cider-based flavors


New Products Group broadens the product line of the popular SHAKE low-alcohol cocktails with the new flavors — Bellini and Kir Royal. The exclusive peculiarity of the novelties is that they use apple cider as the alcohol base.

“This in an unprecedented situation, as there are practically no cider-based beverages, except for the cider, as it is, among low-alcohol cocktails. And mixology does not really have that many cider-based cocktails.  However, we believe that this beverage is really underrated by barmen,” — says Victoria Papazova, New Products Group marketing director.

Sales of the new flavors of SHAKE Bellini and Kir Royal will be kicked-off in the second half of March.

The product line of SHAKE™ low-alcohol beverages was introduced to the Ukrainian consumer in 2003. These bar cocktails came to be the first products of a new inexistent before that time in Ukraine market segment of low-alcohol beverages. One of the factors affecting the popularity of SHAKE™ cocktails — is their diversity. The product line of these tonic and refreshing beverages keeps changing all the time adding up new seasonal novelties.