New Products Group helps to develop innovative STEM-educational techniques in Ukraine


New Products Group helps to develop innovative STEM-educational techniques in Ukraine

One of the few innovative STEM-educational studies was founded in February 2018 at Zhashkiv specialized school #1. At the moment it uses LEGO® Education materials. The study was equipped with support from Nova Hromada Charity Fund, created four years ago by New Products Group.

STEM-education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is a worldwide popular innovative educational technique. It helps to prepare schoolchildren for life under rapid technological development. Program targets for the comprehensive study of contemporary courses in demand and includes a lot of practical classes. 

In 2017 Cherkassy region became the first one in the country where STEM-educational principles are actively implemented. They include training using educational LEGO® sets, custom-built educational materials and LEGO® programming solutions. These are exciting tasks for young explorers, which include both designing and programming, engineering and science class. Along with creating robots, children learn how to program them to perform useful work.

Studies according to the new program started in Zhashkiv specialized school #1 at the beginning of the new educational year, in September 2017.  Today more than 25 schoolchildren are getting ready for the regional robotechnics competition. Thus, the new STEM-educational study equipped with contemporary LEGO® construction sets is of great help for them.

«We were eager to participate in the creation of such a study. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the complex studies, which combine science, technologies and engineering. Everyone understands that future belongs to those, who can come up with innovative solutions at the intersection of technical disciplines. Thus yet today we have to invest toward the education of Ukrainian schoolchildren so they could compete with the graduates of foreign schools. It’s not just investment for the future, that’s our duty to the new generations – claims Victor Pogorily, Head of Social Assistance section of Nova Hromada Charity Fund.

During the formal opening of STEM study schoolchildren from Zhashkiv specialized school #1 presented robots, created for the forthcoming robotechnics festival. We may assume that Nova Hromada Charity Fund  granted more than 25 000 UAH to the renovation and furniture for the study. Guests, including Victor Pogorily, the graduate of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Faculty of Robotechnic Systems and Complexes, were surprised by the exploratory studies of young Zhashkiv citizens. Among others children presented robot designed to repair sewage treatment facilities.

You may get more information from video by regional Television and Radio Company “Zhasmyn” at the official New Products Group YouTube channel.